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    Gian VelascoGian Velasco

    Understanding Shallow song meaning

    Shallow by Lady Gaga is one the famous songs with deep meaning. If you are going to listen to it carefully, it talks about life and its purpose and drive. In the song, you can feel that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are asking about the emptiness or shallowness of the life that they are living. They do want to live as meaningful as possible.

    Perhaps, you can relate to this song if you are in a situation that you are forced to do something but you don’t love it. You might be also in a situation that you feel very low. You think that you did not achieve anything or you have nothing at all.

    Shallow song meaning is very timely in this modern world of social media where you get to compare your life to others.

    Anyway, this is just my own interpretation of the song. If you want to read the lyrics of the song and listen to it at the same time. You can watch the video below.


    Thank you so much for reading. You can also comment your own interpretation of the song. You can also post your own learning, whatever it is.

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