Three things to do to control your emotion

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    Gian VelascoGian Velasco

    Have been in a situation where you cannot control your anger? When was the last time that you manage your emotion and you let it go away without hurting someone feeling? Yes, it’s true that emotion is part of our life. Theses different emotions can actually affect our decisions. And our decisions, can change our future.

    I, myself, is guitly of this. I think I have anger management issue. This makes my life really stressful now. I am not here to share my bad experiences. I am here to share to you my technique in controlling anger.

    1. Remember GOD

    If you are angry, think of how GOD carried himself all througout his painful life. He never had the chance to persecute someone or even hurt the felllings of those who mocked and crucified him.

    2. When you are at the PEAK of you anger, remember the people or person who love/s you so much.

    You need to remember all their sacrifices and their effort to stay beside you. Only few people are lucky to have a family or a partner that truly admires them despite all the bad things that happen in their lives.

    3. Think “anger” as the same as “luck”

    Sometimes so good, sometimes bad. You never know when you will get angry.  It fades away and goes back again. It’s a cycle that you need to learn how to manage. No one never gets angry but many have learned already the power of controlling their emotion.

    Do you know any other way of controlling one’s emotion? Feel free to share it below.

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