Adventure inside the Cell: Tour for SHS Students

Course Prerequisite(s)

  • Please note that this course has the following prerequisites which must be completed before it can be accessed
  • Introduction to Biology


How many times have you heard the word “cell”? Although you are familiar with this concept, you might need to explore more.

Let this course tour you into an adventure inside the cell!

In this chapter, you will easily learn the following:

  • Describing a cell;
  • Explaining the postulates of the cell theory;
  • Identifying parts of the microscope and their functions;
  • Describing the structure, and function of major and subcellular organelles inside the cell;
  • Differentiating prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells according to their distinguishing features; and
  • Citing key examples of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

Bonus: We have Q&A portion in the course! If you want to interact with me, you may ask anything! Your call!

Don’t forget to take the free course entitled Introduction to Biology!

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What Will I Learn?

  • Definition of cell
  • Difference between animal and plant cell
  • Brief history of cell discovery
  • Three postulates of cell theory
  • Microscopy
  • Cell organelles
  • Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cell
  • Specialized Eukaryotic cell

Topics for this course

4 Lessons3h

Lesson 1: Cell?

This lesson focuses on explaining about the cell and its differences of animal and plant cell in terms of structure; history and development of cell; and the 3 postulates of cell theory.
Assessment #1

Lesson 2: Microscopy?

This lesson focuses on identification of parts of the microscope and their functions; recognize on how to care and maintain clean the microscope; and solve to get a total magnification of the microscope.

Lesson 3: Cell Structure and Function?

This lesson focuses on describing the structure and function of major and subcellular organelles inside the cell.

Lesson 4: Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cell?

This topic focuses on comparing and contrasting between Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Cell and Plant cell vs. Animal cell; and site some examples of specialized eukaryotic cells

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Learned more about cell through this course! Thank you!



  • Please finish the "Introduction to Biology" course as your "prerequisite" before you enter in this chapter.

Target Audience

  • SHS Students
  • STEM Students
  • Biology Students
  • Science Students

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