Online Shopping: What You Should Know

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Technology has dominated the world. No wonder online shopping has been our favorite activity! It’s convenient, budget-friendly, and time-saver! 

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with online shopping! I mean, is there anyone who isn’t? You don’t need to worry about having interactions with creepy strangers or waste your energy going to different places and stores.

With just one click, rest assured that everything will be settled. I know I am not the only one who feels the same way.

Whenever I shop, I remind myself of little things to make my online shopping experience safe.  So, I want to share my little knowledge with my fellow online shoppers.

After all we share the same interest and passion!

So, what are we waiting for? Lets get it on!

1. Should I buy the first thing I see when online shopping?

This is an important rule for every shopper! Don’t buy the first item you spotted. When I first discovered online shopping, I made this huge mistake. I bought the first item I saw and felt like I wasted so much money.

Instead of doing it, you should be patient to look for other shops before making that decision. You don’t just get a chance to think of the item, but also find opportunities to look for more affordable options.

I always do this every time I order online because in this way my budget will not be stretched and I can locate items with lower prices.

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2. Does the store have unlimited stocks?

Ordering items online doesn’t guarantee you 100% availability of items! They also run out stock. If you want to order, make sure the item you want is unique or has low demand. Check how many items are still available.

I have seen lots of reviews of having wrong items especially on color! One reason is that the items are not available. I discovered it during my time as an employee but I’m lucky enough not to experience it yet!

3. Do I need to read or leave reviews when online shopping?

If you don’t want to burn your money, check reviews. This section is meant as a warning to all buyers. Other good experiences will be added while bad or poor service will be there.

I always take time to read reviews during online shopping. Somehow, it sets my expectation if the size is small in terms of clothes. I dislike waiting for my delivery so I get to check where the seller is.

I also enjoy reading reviews how consistent and kind the owner is. If you happen to purchase from the store, why not leave reviews as well?

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4. Is the item safe from virus?

As much as we love to try the items we bought immediately, we first need to sanitize or disinfect. Most of the items were kept for a long time that’s why dust and dirt can’t be avoided.

From then on, I stopped my habit of trying it immediately. I always disinfect and wash them before using it. We need be safe and clean especially now that no one’s safe from COVID.

Online shopping is the best option everyone can have especially now we’re dealing with pandemic. Look for gifts, shop for books, check out the latest models, and enjoy these online.

Just remember that all sorts of activities should still be done with control.

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