Making music while studying: Is this possible?

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For many artists who are in the midst of taking up their studies, there is normally a dilemma between two important things: passion and bills.

Will you pursue what you love? Or, will you take the path that is practical for your future? Despite this, there are still brave souls taking this challenge. For them, “Why not both?”

We interviewed members of a local band from Dumaguete who have been making music but are full time students. Of course, they’re the best resource to answer this great question!

Let’s all meet the members of Dandbroom: Boy2 Angelo Laviste and Nino Legaspi.


From Danbroom’s Facebook Page


Since when have you been making music?

Angelo: We’ve been a band since 2018.

At this time, were you in school?

Nino: Yes, we were in Grade 11 then, and we’re in the middle of our first year in college now. I’m taking up medical technology.

Angelo: And I’m in civil engineering.

Since then, what difficulties have you encountered? How did you manage these difficulties?

Angelo: We never had enough time to compose and jam because school would take up most of our time, and every time we have gigs we lack certain instruments  to use.

We eventually managed our time by sending our class schedules to see if there was a vacant time to use up for practicing; and we solved the lack of instruments by saving up enough to acquire the equipment we need.

Nino: We are just so grateful of our producer, Nino Ray Dela Cerna because he brings us a lot of sounds to work with courtesy of his equipment.

What is the best thing about your experience, making music while still studying?

Angelo: The best thing about our experience is making music together as friends and using it as an outlet to express ourselves.  Our music is also a culmination of our [artistic] influences as a band and it is really satisfying when we hear our ideas being made into a complete song amidst all the school work we have to do.

Nino: It would be sitting back and feeling impressed with myself and my friends that we were able to come up with something so unexpectedly impressive, especially because we had to make it while being busy with other things such as school and real life. Being in disbelief, yet at the same time, proud because we got to create something that we enjoy listening to just as much as all the other songs that we love from artists we look up to.

Is it worth it?

Angelo: Yes it is. Because as a band, we treat each other as very good friends, we are not really into becoming famous or popular, but being in a band is our excuse to make our creations somewhat acceptable to people and being in a band makes us confident to write songs in case when the song isn’t good, all of us and not only one person can take the blame.

Nino: Definitely. There’s nothing I would change, even if I ever had the chance to go back.

Would you have done anything differently?

Angelo:  So far we are still relatively new as a band but I would’ve practiced and enjoyed more way back when there were live gigs before the pandemic took it all away.

Hopefully their experience inspires you to pursue the things you are passionate about without sacrificing your education.

This pandemic won’t stop them from performing. In fact, they’re visible online in different platforms. If you’re interested in listening to their music, check out and subscribe to their Youtube Channel right now!


Gaile Teves

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