PRC LET APPLICATION Requirements and Online application guide

PRC LET Application: Requirements and Online Registration Guide

Congratulations! You’re on your way of becoming a professional teacher. Let’s make your journey official by starting off with the first and most important phase of the process – registration. 

Although the steps have been the same from the previous years, there’s no harm in reviewing the requirements and online registration guide for PRC LET Application 2019. It can save you from missing requirements, possible issues, and unwanted woes. LET takers of the past years had several reactions regarding the whole process. Some find it quite daunting while others proclaim it to be hassle-free. You may have a totally unique experience too.
This inconsistency urges you to acquire full awareness of the process. We also provided you some tips at the last section of the article. But before the “friendly” reminders, let’s take a look at the requirements.


Kindly secure the following:

  • NSO (PSA) Birth Certificate. Just in case you need to get a copy of your birth certificate, you may get it from SM Business Center too. It will take 4-6 business days for claiming.
  • NSO (PSA) Marriage Contract for female married applicants. This is a must. There are some applicants I knew who had problems registering because they forgot to bring their marriage contract.
  • Graduate of BSEED (for elementary teachers) and BSED with major and minor degrees (for secondary teachers). For secondary teachers, a bachelor’s degree with at least 18 units of education is required.
  • Transcript of Records with scanned picture and Remarks “For Board Examination Purposes” (First Timer & Repeater). Coordinate with your school for the fast release of TOR. For those who just completed 18 units, request for a TOR asap to avoid any delays.
  • Payment of 900php. You may want to bring additional allowance for unexpected expenses like photocopy, documentary stamp, and others once you’re in PRC.
  • Printed Appointment Schedule. Obtain this after a successful registration at PRC.

Online Registration

Follow these steps for online registration:

  1. Visit On the left side, you will see the services offered by LERIS (Licensure Examination and Registration Information System). Please note that you can use this account not only for exam application but also for renewal of license (soon).
  2. On the right side, click register for new accounts. Fill-out basic information such as name, birthdate, e-mail address, and password.  If your name has a suffix such as JR, do not forget to put it to avoid any problems in the future.
  3. Once successful, log-in and complete the details required such as contact information, mother’s name, employment, and other details.
  4. Prepare a soft copy of 2×2 ID picture. Applicants must wear a professional attire with collar with white background.  Choose a decent photo as this will be used on your license soon.

    PRC LET 2019: Application and Online Registration Guide - sample photo
    Photo requirements for online application
  5. After uploading the image, enter the details such as the type of examination (professional teacher), examination type (first-timer or repeater), date and place of examination, LET level, school, and year graduated. For 18 unit earners, kindly put the year of graduation for bachelor’s degree.

    PRC LET 2019: Application and Online Registration Guide - examination application
    Online application filling out of requirements
  6. You will be redirected to the appointment schedule tab. Choose the branch and make sure there is a slot. Take note of the date of the schedule. Click proceed.

    PRC LET 2019: Application and Online Registration Guide - Appointment Schedule
    Appointment Schedule for Online Registration
  7. Choose the payment method. Your options include: PRC Cashier, Landbank ATM Cards, GCash, Bancnet Members, and UCPB over-the-counter channel.  

    PRC LET 2019: Application and Online Registration Guide - Payment Options
    Payment Options for Online Registration
  8. Click proceed and you will be given a reference number to be used for payment. Please note that the posting of payment takes 2-3 banking days. Be sure to pay it immediately or 4 days before the schedule of appointment to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

    PRC LET 2019: Application and Online Registration Guide - UCBP over the counter
    UCPB Payment Channel Option

Other tips:

  1. Always bring a pen and a pencil with you.
  2. If you have documentary stamps available at home, bring them. In 2014, we were asked to buy a documentary stamp. I’m not certain if this is still  applicable but there’s no harm in trying.
  3. Make sure to bring enough (or probably more than needed) photocopies of your requirements and valid ID. It’s inconvenient to go out just to find out that you’re missing any document.
  4. Bring food, water, books, power bank, and other stuff to entertain you. The queue might be long but this depends on the branch.
  5. Smile and be friends with other future teachers. Honestly, I met some wonderful friends while waiting in the line. We discussed various topics on teaching, reviewing, and others. This was my favorite part.

After registering, what should I do next?

Regardless if you’re finished with the registration, you have to start early doing the next step – REVIEWING.This is written on a separate post with tips and online practice test. Click here to read Tips to Pass LET: Self-review Guide.

All the best on your journey, future educators! 

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tips to pass LET self-review guide

Tips to Pass LET: Self-review Guide

If you want to pass LET, you have three points to put on your checklist: schedule, strategy, and support groups. Even if self-review is your choice, you can succeed in your journey in your first take!

This is based on my experience, and I sincerely hope this LET self-review guide boosts your confidence in becoming a professional teacher.

Why did I decide to do a self-review? The main reason for that was TIME. I had a full-time job from Mondays to Fridays with a shift of 5 AM until 2 PM everyday. I was too exhausted to attend review centers every weekend. Even if I did it, I wasn’t certain if I could absorb all the ideas.

Read: Career Ideas for Aspiring Public School Teachers

Obviously, it wasn’t a smart choice since I wasn’t a BSED graduate. I completed 18, instead of 36, units of education in April 2014 and decided to take it in August of the same year. There were only 3-4 months left to review.

Right after completing the subjects, I decided to gather all my thoughts, organize my materials, and research on how to go about in my chosen path of reviewing on my own. I must admit I got anxious on the results, especially after the exam, and doubted if I could pass it or not.

After finally seeing my name as one of the passers, and getting an average of almost 85 that time, I felt that all my efforts paid off. 

tips to pass let self-review guide oath taking in 2014
Oathtaking Ceremony for New Professional Teachers in 2014

Soon, you will be a licensed professional teacher too!

First tip to pass LET: Set a clear schedule for self-review

1. Allot 2-3 hours for studying alone. Morning, afternoon, or evening does not even matter as long as it is the best time for you. Now, you have to be consistent in your daily routine. For your other free time, you can spend it browsing online questions or attending group reviews.

Sample schedule: 5AM – 7AM (if you have a 10AM shift); 4PM-7PM (if your shift ends at 2PM – this was my schedule); 8PM-11PM (best for 5PM end of shift)

2. Divide your review phases in three stages: general education, professional education, and combination of two subjects.

For instance, you have three months to review. First month will be dedicated for general education subjects, second month will be for professional education, and the last month will be a combination of the two subjects.

Additional Information: The third phase may be used for majorship. This is applicable for secondary teachers. 

MWF: English, Filipino, and Sciences/ Teaching Profession, Social Dimensions of Education, Principles of Teaching
TTH: Mathematics, and Social Sciences/ Facilitating Learning, Assessment, and Developmental Reading

Don’t forget the checklist of the subjects covered. Click here to get an overview of the subjects.

3. Set your weekend as time to answer questions. Taking the board exam is not just about memorizing the information, but more on applying test and critical thinking skills. In your last phase of the review, spend more time answering questions from reviewers, or online quizzes. Don’t stop until you get a perfect score for the exam.

Tip: Make sure to set a time limit for every test. 10-15 minutes for every 25 questions, 15-30 minutes for every 50 questions, 30-60 minutes for every 100 questions, 45 minutes to 75 minutes for every 150 questions.

4. Relax when needed. There will be moments of feeling down. When you encounter these situations, pause and take a break. Watch a movie and be inspired.
Actual answer sheets I used for practicing

Second tip to pass LET: Decide on a Smart Strategy for Self-Review

SMART pertains to Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-oriented. As an educator, you know this acronym very well. Why don’t you apply this in your self-review? What strategies did I use during my time of self-review?

1. Gather all possible references. We are fortunate enough to have our online resources but not all of them are reliable. What I did was to gather various online and printed resources for my review. The more, the merrier. You can ask your friends who passed LET to borrow some of their materials. There are trusted review centers who sell their materials although you’re not enrolled in their center. Don’t forget National Bookstore too.

2. Write as many notes as possible. Just like what we advise our students, writing notes helps us retain information instead of just listening to teachers. To pass LET, we need to keep journals and notes of what we have. You can put them on your wall and look at them from time to time.

3. Be creative in preparing materials. Be creative as possible. If you are fond of using cards, use cards. It totally depends on you.

tips to pass let self review notes
Some of my notes I used for reviewing. Be creative!

Third tip to pass LET: Find a Support Group

When one brain can do a lot, I cannot imagine how much we can achieve with two or more. Honestly, I assume that one of the reasons why others choose to enroll in a review center is to find a community for support in any possible way.

This is probably one of the most important tips anyone can have. In my case, I basically had three support groups.

1. Online support groups are free and available anytime. You can find many groups online that post questions on a daily basis. You are stuck in a traffic jam? Then open your Facebook and answer questions. Are you anxious about the review? Share your thoughts and they are willing to help you.

**You may join our Clopified group and post your own questions too. Click here. 
**Answer FREE ONLINE REVIEWERS on our website.

I. LET Reviewer Professional Education – 25 questions – Click here.

II. LET Reviewer Professional Education – 50 questions – Click here.

2. Enroll in a final coaching session. I enrolled for a final coaching session for the reason that I wanted to hear insights of others. It’s a good tip but you can skip this one especially if you don’t have much time anymore. They will basically give you tips that I can write on a separate blog post. Most of the tips I heard from the final coaching were the same I saw online.

Read: LET Review Center Options for final coaching sessions

3. Set a date with your previous classmates or friends. Sure, the best way to do it is to chat your friends and set up a review. I did it once and we tried to share one question each. It was fun, and a good way to relax from all the stress.

The tips shared above are applicable not only to people who chose self-review but for every LET taker. The review centers are there to help you but the best help you can get is from yourself.

What are you waiting for?

  • Set a schedule that is convenient to your current situation.
  • Decide on a smart strategy on how to go over the topics of the exam.
  • Find a support group, be it online or offline, as long as your purpose is the same.

Remember that we only have one goal and that is to pass LET and be a professional teacher.

tips to pass let self-review guide oath of professionals
Oath of Professionals

Other Reminders:

Deadline of Filing: Waiting for PRC Announcement (Click here for the application process)
LET Exam Schedule: Waiting for PRC Announcement


I. LET Reviewer Professional Education – 25 questions – Click here.

II. LET Reviewer Professional Education – 50 questions – Click here.

Read: Career Ideas for Aspiring Public School Teachers

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Career for Aspiring Public School Teachers - Cover Photo

Career Ideas for Aspiring DepEd Public School Teachers

If you aspire to be a public school teacher at Department of Education, you have to accept the truth – it’s not as easy as it seems to be!

You need to undergo four stages to get a career as a DepEd public school teacher. These stages are mainly the following:

  1. Reviewing and passing LET
  2. Boosting your career profile
  3. Application process of DepEd
  4. Waiting of ranking and getting an item

The preparation for LET itself might take 6 months to 1 year to complete it. It involves intensive reviews, scheduled examinations, and getting the license. Application process includes submission of documents, English proficiency test, and teaching demonstration that may take 3-6 months. Ranking and getting an item may take 2-6 months as well.

I personally know lucky educators who started their career as a public school teacher at DepEd 2 years after their graduation! (Wow) However, majority of my co-educators waited around 3 or 5 years just to get a call from the Department of Education.

Are you serious? What will I do during those 2-5 years especially after passing LET?

Probably, you will ask the question above several times after reading the introduction. Worry not! In fact, you can MAXIMIZE the waiting time to BOOST your career profile (2nd stage) that will be beneficial for you in the future. 

Aside from the compensation, you will learn new things at work, improve your teaching abilities, enhance your work attitude, and increase your points in the ranking!

So instead of waiting for the results, why don’t you try the career ideas below as an aspirant public school teacher.

Career Idea 1: Private School Teacher

Is it a good career for aspiring public school teachers of DepEd?

Career for Aspiring Public School Teachers - Private School Teacher

Relevance and Learning Experience: 5/5

  1. This is the best career before becoming a public school teacher.
  2. It’s directly related to your future job and the experience will be the same to prepare you for possible situations.
  3. The experience is credited during DepEd ranking.
  4. You will learn and apply classroom management, lesson plan writing, conduct activities, and participate in leadership roles.

Time and Compensation: 3/5

  1. You will work at least 8 hours a day.
  2. This excludes your time for checking and preparing exams and materials.
  3. Compensation in private schools largely depend on your qualifications and their background.
  4. Non-LET passers salary range around 13,000php – 15,000php. If you are a breadwinner, you may want to consider other options.


  1. Apply for a position that is aligned to your target level at DepEd: preschool, elementary, junior high school, or senior high school.
  2. Work in a school near or in your target Division so you can submit documents easily.
  3. Read contracts carefully. You might be signing for a 3 or 5-year contract that may hinder your public school application.

How to apply:

  1. Go to popular job websites such as Jobstreet and Indeed. 
  2. Submit application to the e-mail found on the website of the school.
  3. Check careers section on the website.

Check out the jobs below (as of December 9, 2018)

  1. Colegio de San Juan de Letran Click here to view job ad. 
  2. Haven Montessori Inc – Click here to view job ad.
  3. Child Jesus of Prague SchoolClick here to view job ad.

Career Idea 2: College Instructor

Is it a good career for aspiring public school teachers of DepEd?

Career for Aspiring Public School Teachers - College Instructor

Relevance and Learning Experience: 4/5

  1. Teaching experience will be credited for the ranking.
  2. You may handle the same general subjects but are different in terms of content. For instance, a secondary level teacher teaching Reading and Writing for Grade 11 will handle Purposive Communication in college level.
  3. Although syllabus writing and classroom management are still applicable in this field, college instructors are oriented in teaching adults.
  4. They are not concerned with the attendance and extra curricular activities that will be prioritized as DepEd teachers.

Time and Compensation: 4/5

  1. In the first semester, you might not be able to choose the schedule provided by the program coordinator. As you move forward to the second semester, you can submit your available time.
  2. It can give you plenty of time to review for LET, prepare for application, and do other jobs.
  3. Compensation as college instructors is on an hourly basis.
  4. It depends on your qualification but starting rate may be 100php to 170php per hour. An instructor with 170php working for 21 units (or 21 hours a week) can earn at least 14,000php monthly.


  1. Apply for prominent colleges that will catch the attention of future recruiters.
  2. Identify how much you need monthly to know the number of teaching hours you will render.
  3. You can work for two colleges at the same time if you need to earn more.

How to apply (same as career idea 1)

Check out the jobs below (as of December 9, 2018)

  1. Metropolitan Medical Center – Click here to view job ad.
  2. Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Click here to view job ad.
  3. STI College Caloocan Click here to view job ad.

Career Idea 3: Academy Tutors (for Filipinos or foreign students)

Is it a good career for aspiring public school teachers of DepEd?

Career for Aspiring Public School Teachers - Academy Tutors

Relevance and Learning Experience: 3/5

  1. Teaching experience for academy does not guarantee ranking points. Majority did not count this as a valid teaching background.
  2. It involves individual or small group. This is far from a class with 30 or 50 students in public schools.
  3. It does not have any lesson plan, syllabus, or examinations.
  4. Communication skills will be honed while sticking to your sweet spot, teaching.

Time and Compensation: 4/5

  1. Full-time jobs have higher compensation than private school.
  2. Some part-time jobs are on hourly basis.
  3. It provides flexibility since you can choose your own schedule.


  1. Teach subjects that are aligned to your course.
  2. Identify how much you need monthly to know the number of teaching hours you will render.

How to apply:

  1. The popular academy schools in Manila are MSA, Ahead Tutorial Center, and Kumon.
  2. You can go to Ortigas, Makati, and other business districts if you are interested in teaching foreigners.

Career Idea 4: Full-time Corporate Jobs aligned to your Course

Is it a good career for aspiring public school teachers of DepEd?

Career for Aspiring Public School Teachers - Corporate Jobs

Relevance and Learning Experience: 4/5

  1. Senior high school ranking for DepEd counts corporate jobs as valid experience.
  2. You will not write lesson plans but you will apply management.
  3. It teaches you to multitask, be punctual, and adhere to rules strictly.
  4. It gives you corporate ideas that you can share with your students.

Time and Compensation: 4/5

  1. Full-time corporate jobs guarantee higher compensation and benefits.
  2. You can choose the best schedule for you; morning, graveyard, or other possible shifts.


  1. You can target promotion to the training department.
  2. Maximize the benefits of a full-time corporate job such as HMO, business trips, and others.
  3. Always ask for a Certificate of Employment.

How to apply: Go to popular job websites such as Jobstreet and Indeed. 

Career Idea 5: Research Assistant

Is it a good career for aspiring public school teachers of DepEd?

Career for Aspiring Public School Teachers - Research Assistant

Relevance and Learning Experience: 3/5

  • It is not directly related to teaching but can help in your graduate school.
  • It can teach you how to write research papers which you will do as public school teachers.
  • Your research works can strengthen your knowledge in your subject matter.
  • Research is an essential skill for educators to boost their career.

Time and Compensation: 3/5

  1. The compensation depends on the type of researcher you will be: corporate or academic.
  2. You might consume a lot of time. Researching is a tough job that requires intensive work.

Tip: Treat this job as a good stepping stone once you enter public school.

How to apply: 

  1. Go to popular job websites such as Jobstreet and Indeed. 
  2. Submit application to the e-mail found on the website of the school.
  3. Check careers section on the website.

Other Career Options (for you!)

  1. Volunteer DepEd teachers. In case you had a good ranking from the recent DepEd application but no item was available, you may apply or express your interest in becoming volunteer teachers. It’s a good option to receive experience but does not have any compensation. Ask your division for the openings of volunteer teachers.
  2. Freelance jobs. Worry not! You may find thousands of freelance or home-based jobs on the internet. They are project-based or contractual. Beginners might not enjoy benefits and might take time to claim expertise. It’s a good option for you while preparing for your documents as an aspiring public school teacher. Check out this article – Bizmates Application Guide: How and Why. 
  3. Administrative job at a school. I personally know someone who initially worked as a faculty secretary. She expressed her interest in a career as a teacher. After 6 months, she was offered a part-time teaching load. Why not?

To our aspiring public school teachers,

Remember that the options stated above are only suggestions to boost your career profile. Take every experience as a learning opportunity  and don’t forget to expand your connection in this journey. The people you will meet along the way will give you suggestions and ideas as an aspiring public servant for the future of Filipinos. 

If you have other career ideas, participate in the discussion and share this online.

What did you learn today? Post your learning.
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