3 Practical Tips to Pass your Skype Interview

Rowena Andrada
| | 4 min read

Skype interview is the real deal for modern applicants!

Why do I need to read the article “3 Practical Tips to Pass Skype Interview”?

When we say modern applicants, we do not only refer to home-based jobs: ESL teaching, virtual assistants, e-mail support, outbound agents, and others. Modern applicants basically refer to EVERYONE!

We live in the 21st century that allows numerous possibilities in hiring the qualified applicants. Most of the companies, according to reports, have used online interviewing platforms. We can’t blame them!

Skype interview, online video meetings, or even phone screening are cost-efficient, quick, and convenient!

Applicants do not need to travel in 2-3 hours, and wait for another 2-3 hours just to wait for their turn to be interviewed.

When you receive an invitation for a Skype interview, you need to accept it!

Get up on your feet, prepare what you need, and read the 3 practical tips to pass the Skype interview!

Tip #1: Apply the Classic Formula: Professionalism + Friendliness

Apply the 3 practical tips to pass the Skype interview!  Land your dream job!

3 Practical Tips to Pass Skype Interview - Be professional but stay friendly

Does it look familiar? Of course, it does! Everyone says to be professional but stay friendly.

In Skype interviews though, this has greater emphasis as the interviewer relies on small details alone: looks, tone of the voice, and smile. You have to be more careful to  do the tips below.

Be professional!

  • Make your Skype ID or account look professional. When creating Skype account for the first time, do not input your mobile number. Instead, only use your e-mail that shows your first and last name (live:vanessa.alvarez)
  • Conduct the interview in a well-lit and quiet environment. If you conduct the interview at home, make sure everyone knows of the ongoing activity to minimize noise. Clean the background, and follow the set requirements of the background if there’s any.
  • Look professional (at least on top). Wear a coat or a blazer. Make them feel that you prepared for the job interview instead of wearing a shirt.

Be friendly!

  • Greet them properly. If the interviewer is a foreigner, be sure to know the timezone if it’s morning, afternoon, or evening. Otherwise, greet them “Hi! How are you doing?” to be safe. 
  • Eye-contact (look at the camera). Do not look at the screen! It does not look good on the end of the interviewer. Look the the camera, and be sure to not remove your eyes from it. (And oh, invest in a good webcam, okay?)
  • Never allow dead-air. Can you imagine talking to a friend in awkward silence? Now this is the LAST thing you want to happen in your interviews. Make sure to respond phrases like “I see”, ask questions, or smile.

Tip #2: Familiarize yourself with the Flow of the Interview!

Apply the 3 practical tips to pass the Skype interview!  Land your dream job!

Regardless of the job, the interview follows a structure in interviews:

3 Practical Tips to Pass Skype Interview - Know the flow of the interview

1. Building of rapport: The aim is to set positive relationship, and to get to know the applicants. This is your chance to be comfortable by being friendly to the interviewer. 

2. Basic questions: The interviewer can phrase this question differently. What you should do is to introduce yourself by highlighting RELEVANT experiences, education, training, and skills. Be honest as they will ask follow-up questions.

3. Career-related questions: In this stage, the interviewer will start to ask questions about technical knowledge. The tips, strategies, and what you should do about this. The best tip is to increase your expertise, and solve the issues based on your past experiences.

4. Situational questions: This stage tests your attitude. They will ask whether you’re ready for the job. The most common questions include dealing with pressure, improvements, and growth. Never say any negative things about this, and express your willingness to start immediately.

5. Asking of questions from the interviewees: As a previous recruiter before, I was very delighted to meet applicants asking questions at the end of the interviews. It gave me an impression that I cleared off any misunderstanding. Furthermore, I felt that the interviewee was paying attention. 

Tip #3: Stand out from the rest of the applicants: Highlight your personality!

Apply the 3 practical tips to pass the Skype interview!  Land your dream job!

3 Practical Tips to Pass Skype Interview - Stand out and show your personality

You are not the only applicant. You have other competitors. How do you stand out? You need to highlight your personality!

Everyone has their own personality and branding. It is something that you have developed for a long time. When you answer questions from the interviewers, be sure that you are being true to yourself. That’s it. 

But aside from your genuine personality, you have to add the top qualities praised by recruiters:

  1. Good communication skills.
  2. Flexibility and creativity.
  3. Team work and goal-oriented. 
  4. Organization and punctuality.
  5. Positive attitude!

To be honest, if you have the right mindset as a student or an employee, these qualities should be naturally possessed by you.

Additional Tips (Recommended Readings and Clopified Shared File):

Modern applicants, remember the 3 Practical Tips to Pass your Skype Interview: 

Be professional but friendly!

Familiarize yourself with the flow!

Stand out and highlight your personality!

Land your dream job!

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Maria Cara
Oct 11, 2020 8:55 PM

We should stress out the importance of professional attire. It determines your attitude when answering a Skype Interview. If you’re wearing a shirt, you won’t feel conscious and your performance might be low.

Ms. Lea Solivarez
May 31, 2020 10:40 AM

I remember when I had my first interview. Bigla nag update yung laptop na binigay ko. Another tip is to be honest if ano talaga ang nangyayari sayo para di left hanging yung interviewer. Buti nalang umamin na rin ako.

Ms. Lea Solivarez
May 31, 2020 11:18 AM
Reply to  Mae

OMG! Bago ba yung laptop mo? Kasi nag invest ako ng laptop din dati tapos parehas. Nag update din sakin hahahaha funny story! Ending eh nag reschedule kami

Dec 10, 2018 12:16 PM

Skype interview is nerve-wracking! We might think it isn’t because of the distance of the interviewer. However, the way they ask questions would still be similar with how they do it in a traditional interviews.