Creative Writing Tips for Beginners

Gaile Teves
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Everyone has their own story to tell. Life is short but we can live forever through the things that we write. Even if you think you aren’t a great writer, you can still try and practice to get better at it.

The experience in writing an essay for school and a personal creative writing project are both on different levels with the satisfaction you feel. You don’t need to be on JK Rolling’s level of talent to enjoy creative writing. You can still have fun getting lost in your own world through writing even if it is in short and simple stories.

They can be inspired by true events in your life, or you can make your imagination come to life through words. Here are ways that you can get better at creative writing:

Write every day.

It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, consistency is key. All you need to do is practice communicating to your reader and trying different ways to get your point across. You can try 30 writing challenges or look at writing prompts. Just make sure that you have something that you have written. This will help expand your vocabulary, improve how you write and help you become a better writer

Listen to people’s stories.

Telling a story isn’t just about putting it out to the world. You still have to take note of how your story is perceived. You can listen to different authors or TEDTalks to take inspiration from, not only for events that happened, but you can take note of the way that they tell a story and how it makes you feel.

Read as much as you can

A very important way of learning is to observe how other people do things. Every author tells a story differently. Try and read more, and take notice of how the writer tries to get their point across. Not only in the way their writing progresses but in how they use words and phrases to keep the reader going.

Look for inspiration in real life for your creative writing projects.

Personally, writing is my way of reacting to the world around me. The best way to find something to write about is to experience life in the moment. As fun as it is to hide behind the worlds of fiction by authors, it is still important to ground yourself in real life. Inspiration comes when you least expect it, just make sure to have your pen and paper ready.

Collate your work.

Nothing makes you feel more productive than having something to show for your progress. Do your best to keep everything you write and put it all in one place. Even the little poems on restaurant tissues, the thoughts on the back of your notebook, try and stick them into a journal, scrapbook or a little envelope of your work. That way you can see how your writing has improved and you can have a little memoir of yourself as a keepsake.

Come up with a project to show your progress in creative writing.

Sometimes it may feel like you are writing for nothing. Try and have a project or a goal to complete. It could be a collection of short stories or a novella, just have something to look forward to and complete in order to have motivation to keep writing.

Gaile Teves

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