Freelancing Tip for Filipinos: Master Soft Skills

Rowena Andrada
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Freelancing is not as easy as it seems. Although you have the perfect technical skills, you need to master soft skills. This is a freelancing tip I will never forget. Why?

Even if you find the right client, the next challenge is to make them stay and gain their trust. You can only do this if you know how to maintain a good relationship, provide excellence in every project’s completion, and beat pressure.

Similar to working with a company or choosing partners, we will always prefer to collaborate with skilled individuals who are trustworthy and reliable.

What soft skills should Filipinos master then? Let’s outline the freelancing tip for Filipinos.

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How many times have you heard of this soft skill? Almost every job, task, or project requires this soft skill. Even when someone is simply launching a game session, communication is necessary.

In freelancing, Filipinos seek clients who are based abroad. Most of them are Americans but they’re not limited to one nationality. They can be Australians, French, Germans, Chinese, or even Koreans. The only way to communicate with these clients is through the chosen messaging app.

Slack is pretty popular among freelancing stints but email will always be part of it.

Imagine working with a freelance client who has provided a vague instruction in one project. How will you respond and clarify on what to do?

Most of us may seem afraid, or embarrassed to respond since we don’t want to look like beginners. But, a professional way of asking this may sound like a clarification or strong interest in what we do.

If you choose not to respond, it will resort in wrong implementation of the project.

This is where the freelancing tip regarding communication comes in. We need to adjust with the language of our client to break any form of barriers.

Learn English if you have spare time. Go over the email template when you have time. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions in a decent way.

freelancing tip

Report Writing

Report writing is a freelancing tip that shouldn’t be left behind.  When you are done with the task, clients sometimes ask you to list or outline what you have accomplished for the day.

There are certain ways on how clients would like reports to be prepared. Some use documents, others prefer excel sheets  while others keep it casual by simply logging the time.

Some meticulous clients even ask freelancers to write a short description of the task. How will you do it if you have no idea at all?

Do remember that report writing is all about details. Time, date, people involved, tools used, steps followed, and others. Observe accuracy, correct grammar and good content.

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Do you think your freelance clients will only want to work with one person? Of course, a team is needed for success. You will be asked to collaborate with many people doing some skills.

Your specific role might be the training manager but others work as a SEO specialist, graphics editor, content writer, and others.

The challenge of freelancing is that everyone in the team works remotely. You only meet them via Zoom, or worse, through display pictures without any chance to hear their voice.

Collaboration comes in place. Now that you’re many in the team, it’s time for you to be open with other ideas. Learn that perspective of others will always have a point.

Listen to their suggestions, and understand that criticisms may occur.

What you want may be way different from what they want. It’s a matter of collaborating to achieve the same goal.

Honestly, it’s a bit challenging since the team didn’t go through the traditional building of rapport in the office. But, this freelancing tip calls for maturity to accept differences is a key to successful collaboration.

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Problem-Solving Skill

Freelancing tip for Filipinos

What will you do if your client tells you that you should start fixing the website by tomorrow? What if you’re faced with a task that you’re not familiar with?

Worry not! You’re never alone. Most freelancers have learned the skills on the spot.

When I was browsing a Facebook group, I have seen several posts asking for the community’s help regarding the tasks.

“Do I have to delete this in order to get result?”

“What if I have 10 products, do I have to create 10 unique codes?”

“Will it affect the speed if I send these files?”

“Do you know anyone who can work as a writer asap?”

Believe me. You’re not alone! Problems arise and most of us don’t know what to do. The best soft skill is to learn how to assess the situation, adapt to the situation, find solutions, and create opportunities.

This is where problem solving skills arise. This freelancing tip will help you calm down and keep your sanity to any situation.

leadership freelancing tip
leadership freelancing tip


Okay. What is it about? As a freelancer, you’re not working for someone. You’re working “with” someone. They treat you as partners who could provide suggestions on whatever you do.

Leadership is a soft skill that combines all other skills we discussed. As a leader, you’re independent to find solutions. You’re mature enough to accept other groups.

You know when to lead and when to listen. Whenever there’s a new addition to the team, you welcome them without hesitations.

You are up to any task, and understand that there’s always a room for improvement. Situations change, and you can easily adapt. When things go south, you create opportunities.

As a leader, you understand why you should constantly improve in your chosen careen. Moreover, you prioritize the project’s goal over the others.

If there’s one freelancing tip to match any soft skills, it will always be the leadership skill.


What about you? What freelancing tips can you share?

Comment below or write your own article.

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Sherra Han
Apr 26, 2021 1:51 PM

Ang hirap kasi bakit need English LOL

Feb 21, 2021 11:31 AM

you won’t know how much email reporting is so important until you become a freelancer lol