YouTube Videos in English: Tutorials to Watch at Home

Rowena Andrada
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Why do you need to worry if you can spare a few minutes to watch YouTube videos in English?

Are you afraid of speaking in English? I totally understand! Speaking in English is very nerve-wracking especially for us Filipinos.

There are so many tutorials you can watch at home, especially when it’s too hard for you to sleep at night.

How do you start?

You can start by going back to the basic: pronunciation practice, vocabulary enrichment, paragraph analysis, and others.

How will it benefit you?

If you are a student, you’ll know how English plays a vital role in classroom presentations. Whether it’s for a class recitation or paper presentation, you’ll be required to speak in English.

Will it help you as a professional?

Of course! English is often used for job interviews. If you also aim to work abroad, you need to take the international English standard tests.

So, if you’re bored at home, take your chance and watch YouTube videos below.

Speak English With Tiffani

Teacher Tiffani is from the USA. A previous NASA web designer, Tiffani has had a wide range of experience in teaching English. She worked in South Korea, and taught several thousands since 2009.

What I love about her videos is the voice clarity and variety in content. Go and watch her page.

Daily English Conversations

Sometimes, we get used to studying English so much that we forget  the basic skill – daily conversation. This channel promotes the use of proper English in different situations.

Do you need to ask for the directions? They have several videos for you. In fact, thousands of videos await you!

Learn English with EnglishClass

Alisha, the main instructor and owner of the YouTube account, is fond of explaining basic, useful expressions to her students. She just doesn’t post videos, but conducts weekly livestream to interact with viewers.

Chat message is her way to connect with her learners. All her comments discuss how lively and fun she teaches. Find out if she’s enthusiastic enough for your tutorial.

Oxford Online English

Aside from premium classes, Oxford Online English provides free lessons on YouTube! If you want to hear British accent, this channel is perfect for you.

After all, we’re always in love with British accents from famous actors. Explore more of the British accent with this channel.

Team Lyqa

She’s not just your ordinary influencer / YouTuber/ content creator. Lyqa claimed the top spot in the 2013 Civil Service Exam. She managed to grow her community through her passion in teaching.

While other creators attend various events, Lyqa has been invited several times in YouTube EduCon India in 2018,  UNDP Creator for Change Ambassadors, and YouTube NextUp Winners.

Watch her simple yet effective way of explaining difficult concepts.

Free Online Learning Materials in English

If you want to browse more English materials for you, you can check out the link below.

College Entrance Exam – Grammar Test

English for Academic Purposes: Introduction

Introduction to Phonics Instruction

View more courses & reviewers

Do you watch other YouTube videos for English tutorials? Comment below.

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