Five Tips to Prepare for your First Job

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It’s normal to feel lost when you want to be hired for your first job!

After graduating, you’re fully prepared to enter the corporate world. You’re excited to share with everyone the skills you gathered from classes and training. After 1 month, you will see yourself clueless on how to start with your career.

Don’t worry! Everyone experienced the same issues since it’s very difficult to land your first job. You need to endure confusing job descriptions, unpredictable interviews, and failed applications.

If you’re looking to get hired, I hope this helps you!

What You Need to Prepare for your First Job

Collect Requirements

All jobs require validity of your identity and records. You can’t work without submitting all of them.

While you’re waiting for your interviewer to call you, you should start going to the government agencies and gather the following:

  • Valid ID: Postal ID, Voters ID, NBI and Police Clearance
  • CV or Resume: Print 10 copies! If there’s a need to submit printed documents, make sure that you have a lot. At other times, you will see yourself submitting your CV to recruitment agencies.
  • Email or Cover Letter: When you see an ad online, you will see the recruitment process. Prepare to modify the template based on the job position.
  • Government Records: TIN, SSS, Pagibig and Philhealth

However, most of the time you need to wait for the employer’s recommendation before you can wait to process the government records.

Job Hunting

While you’re preparing for the requirements, you may proceed with job hunting. This is the most exciting yet exhausting part of all. You might spend most of your days (and nights) browsing jobs online!

Obviously, job hunting today is more convenient than before. Can you imagine yourself waiting for the long queue in one day just to submit your resume?

Today, you can submit your application online in just one click of “Apply Button”. I do not see any reason for anyone not to use this platform.

To start your job hunting, here are the things you can do:

  1. Create personal accounts in different Job Search websites such as JobStreet, Indeed, and LinkedIn.
  2. Start with creating accurate yet attractive online profile. Make sure to input correct details about your educational background, skills and work experience.
  3. Search for relevant jobs or companies that you want to work with. In this way, the company will show you related results to what you want.
  4. Turn on notifications to receive latest updates on new jobs.

As you start looking for these jobs, you will then discover what exactly you want for yourself.

Practice Test for your First Job

Practice Online Tests as Preparation for your First Job

Regardless of the job, you will always be required to pass exams. This is to test your skills and general knowledge in the industry.

While waiting for any interview, you should start answering online tests. There are many free online resources available.

You can take up General Questions, English Proficiency Tests, Logical or Reasoning. If you want to answer free Personality Tests, you may also do so.

I remember applying in a company before. It required me to answer a test for 100 questions! That was so tiring but since I took so many online tests, I anticipated how complicated it would be.

Try it every chance you have. When you are in a room with other applicants, you will be more confident!

Mock Interviews

A friend of mine was so pissed off when she failed a job interview. According to her, she felt that she didn’t get the job only because of her poor communications skills. She’s very good at what she’s doing but she might have been nervous during the actual interview.

Although I agreed with her, I told her that she couldn’t escape this phase. Mostly, it’s done with supervisors.

It’s not just someone’s ability to speak English that is being tested. It’s actually how confident you are in the position you’re applying for.

Sometimes, they ask you questions to check how quick you can provide solutions to certain situations. So, why not conduct mock interviews by yourself? You can ask a friend to help you but I doubt if you’d like it.

Watch YouTube videos, and read techniques on how to ace your job interview.

Save Allowance for the Next 3 Months

Here’s the most important tip: learn to save for your allowance good for 3 months. You need to have enough budget to pay for your clothes, transpo fee, meal and others.

While doing all of these, save as much as you can so you won’t worry too much. They say 3 months is enough until you get your first salary.

At least, you will not start your career with financial burden.



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