Career Ideas for Business Analytics Graduates

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Are you considering business analytics to be your major in college? Are you curious of your passible careers after getting this degree?

A degree in business analytics is one that is highly advantageous, especially since the demand for graduates in this field is predicted to rise in the near future.

Business Analysts

But first, what is business analytics?

When we say business analytics, we refer to data collection, storage and analysis. Without these details, it’s impossible to assess the workflow efficiency and other factors in one’s business.

Business analysts are involved in checking each aspect of a company or corporation. Mostly, these are the ins and outs of the company. If you have good communication, marketing, problem-solving and decision making skills, you’ll excel at this field.

From my personal experience, studying business analytics is the perfect balance of IT, business and statistics. You will need to analyze several theories while applying it in different situations. This is the perfect balance of theoretical and practical approaches.

Why should you pursue a career as a business analyst?

1. Good Compensaton. According to SalaryExpert, the average yearly salary of a business analyst in the Philippines is at P685,872. At entry level, the average salary is at P486,296 per year. If we look at these numbers, they don’t seem to be close to other managerial jobs in our country.

2. Unpredictable workflow. The BA guide says that a career in this field means that you handle different tasks. Moreover, you have independence when it comes to dealing with them. The various situations allow professionals to break from monotony.

3. Continuous Learning. Imagine dealing with different clients, interacting with supervisors, and other analysts. It’s impossible not to have endless opportunities for growth. Whether you learn about the people you work with, the economy or the trends in the market, there is always something new to help you grow and expand your knowledge.

Where should I start my career in business analytics?

Let’s say that you’ve earned your degree and you want to put it to use. Without a doubt, you’d want to apply the things you’ve learned and start right away towards your goals. Here are examples of employers that you could work as a business analyst:

  1. Consultation Firms
  2. Research Firms
  3. Technology companies
  4. Public Sector organizations

Below is a list of job positions that are perfect for a graduate of business analytics:

  1. Management Consultant
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Market Research Analyst
  4. Project Manager
  5. Business Architect

If you are interested to pursue a career in business analytics, we hope you can consider these details.

Try and look for universities that offer a degree in business analytics and see where you can begin your journey towards getting a degree in this competitive field.

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