8 Similarities of Schools and Companies

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When students graduate from college, they think they’re free from the life they used to have. Unfortunately, schools and companies are alike.

Congratulations! You’re finally free from academic responsibilities!

You are not required to attend 5-8 classes weekly, and there’s no need to pass an assessment. Who says you still need to go sleepless just to finish that paperwork due the next day?

Ahhh. It sounds like a dream. But if you think you get away from these, you better think twice. The truth is, attending classes and working in a company are basically the same.

I get it. I have the same feeling when I graduated. The thought of not doing the same things made me so happy. But when I started working, I found out that the first requirement for my company was a group training. What’s even worse is that there’s no second chance. Either you make it or not, you get hired, or you look for another job.

So if you are wondering how it feels to be an employee, and how it’s the same with being a student, let me tell you why.

8 Similarities of  Schools and Companies

1. Classes vs Working Hours

Students are used to having their attendance checked by their professors. Several instances of tardiness can pile up to be equivalent to one absence.

As an employee, you need to do the same. You are required to work for 8 hours daily. What’s worse is that you’re being monitored per hour, and being late even for a minute can cause deductions.

2. Quizzes vs Monthly Assessment

Quizzes, tests, exams, name it. Regardless of how it’s called, we will always be assessed in school or company. Both are equally difficult, and results determine important factors.

3. Mandatory Seminar vs Skills Certifications

One of the activities I missed when I was in college was attending seminars in different places. The idea of visiting far places did excite me.

When I entered the corporate world, I had to attend several trainings as well. The motivation was a bit different though as it was for promotion.


4. Extracurricular Activities vs Your Christmas Party Presentation

Sorry but you can’t escape dancing, acting or singing when you start working in companies. What you did during your parties at school, or extracurricular activities will just be the same.

Lol! I remember dancing to songs of Britney Spears for a Christmas presentation. What was I thinking when doing it? But again, it was Queen Britney so I didn’t mind.

5. Class Rumors vs. Pantry Gossips

I don’t think this is only applicable in schools and companies though. Everywhere you go, there are always rumors going around. As long as there are people, there are stories about people.

In a company with different backgrounds, it is not impossible to have clashing personalities. So if you hear someone gossiping about you in the pantry, join the fun! 😀

6. Class Parties vs Celebrating Birthdays of your Coworkers

The main difference? You can’t give 20 pesos anymore for the cake of your classmate. You need to have your own gift for your coworker, especially if it’s for your boss.

7. Broke Students vs Critical Wallet Days

Have you ever complained why your school allowance was only around 100 per day? Well, even if you earn more than 50,000 a month, you will still see yourself worried during the critical wallet days. Or, the days before your salary comes in.

8. Course Shift vs. Resignations

If you have ever thought of shifting to another course, don’t worry! You will feel the same when you start working in a company.

Sometimes, you will think of shifting to another industry, or transferring to another company. The next day, you will see drafting your resignation letter.


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