Are you an English Major? 8 Career Choices For You

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If you are an English Major, you have probably defended yourself several times! People keep on saying that it’s a course for students who are not aware of their jobs in the future.

Ouch. That hurts!

As an English Major, I have been asked several times why I didn’t want to choose another course with “specific jobs” after graduation.

I just didn’t get it! Do people think that English is all about language? Do they expect us to study grammar for 4 years?

If you choose to be in this path, get ready to enrich your soul, widen your perspective, study history, analyze culture, and meet personalities! But that’s a different story.

For now, let’s discuss your possible career choices. After graduation, what’s next?


Here are the top careers for an English Major.

1 – Writer

As an English Major, you have probably written all sorts of reports, analysis, articles, and summary in your four years.

Instead of having the traditional exam, you have been asked to submit an analysis of a 500-page novel.

No wonder, writing is a top career choice for English Major.

Believe me, not everyone can craft a good report. It takes fluency in the language to understand the audience of your written reports.

2 – College Instructor

If you feel like writing is not your option, you can easily shift to teaching. This time, you can apply as a college instructor.

In the Philippines, most secondary teachers are asked to get a professional license teaching. In college, they usually require vast understanding of the course syllabus. Probably, pursuing your Master’s Degree is going to help you!

Feel giddy as you start teaching Literature to non-English Majors.

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3 – EFL Teaching

A common part-time gig of English Majors is teaching in the ESL industry. It’s usual to teach Koreans or Japanese but be surprised to know that EFL teaching is not just for them.

In fact, you can see companies offering ESL teaching for European students.

You can climb up the managerial position when you graduate. Or, you can be an OFW to teach foreigners in the country.

Get that dream to live with your Oppa.

4 – News or Magazine Researcher

English Majors might have probably researched a lot during their college years. Perhaps, they have been asked to analyze the social background of the author to match it to literary criticism.

All your hard work will pay off once you find a position that requires research. It’s a very important department of any company, since not everyone can distinguish credible resources.

Do you enjoy watching documentaries as well? Yes, they consider Mass Com students and English Majors as well!

5 – SEO Specialist

Are you an aspiring freelancer? Aside from virtual assistants, one of the top jobs is becoming an SEO specialist.

You don’t really need to be fluent in English for this skill, as they say. But, you will have an advantage if you’re an English Major.

Sometimes, the tasks involve fixing the heading sections of articles, or repeating keywords. You can’t just use keyword and put them in an awkward manner.

There must be advanced language skills for you to understand how SEO works.

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6 – Support Specialists: Voice or Nonvoice

Obviously, English Majors are trained to use language in situational contexts.

Business communication is a bit different than academic writing.

Instead of using long sentences, you should be able to use concise, brief ideas to close the sale, report incidents, and create email communication within the organization.

When taking calls, you should make it quick so the clients can experience first-time resolutions.

English Majors have mastered debating and report writing! No doubt they can do them as well.

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7 – News Reporter

Have you ever adored reporters who can present news in a very professional tone?

English Majors are trained to do this as well.  You have been asked several times to report and relay the messages you get from articles, books, and several theories.

You have mastered speech communication, understand the stress in word, and how pitch affects delivery of messages!

8 – Lawyers, CPA, or Licensed Teacher

Sorry, what? I’m not saying that you can be a lawyer, CPA, or Licensed Teacher right after graduation. However, your undergrad can serve as your pre-qualifying Major for these career paths.

Imagine reading thick books for your next course. You need to have the enthusiasm to do it!

English Majors are equipped in reading these chapters, synopsis, synthesis, thesis and other studies as part of their course. You have read scripts or reviews as well!

I do not see any reason why you couldn’t survive these other courses.

You see, being an English Major does not make you end up with one career path. You have a lot of options waiting for you.

Don’t listen to others belittling your major! You have earned an advantage in working with different skills, which are beneficial in the long run.

An English Major reading books


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