Online Jobs For Students: Opportunities While Studying

Rowena Andrada
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Are you actively looking for online jobs for students? Good news is that you can actually land an online job even before graduating! If you feel that these opportunities can boost your financial and skills, why don’t you start early?

There are several reasons why online jobs for students are amazing options! Unlike the traditional work, these are task-based. You are compensated based on what you do, instead of your qualifications.

Another reason is the flexible schedule. Let’s admit it or not, class schedules often interfere with our gigs. However, most online jobs offer a flexible work schedule, in which you can accomplish your job whenever you’re available! Isn’t it convenient?

10 years ago, I always considered my class schedule for every part-time job. It’s so amazing to think that students can work in the evening or early morning. There are numerous foreign clients looking for enthusiastic workers!

Preparations for your Online Work

Before you hit that send or apply button, you have to understand first what you want. What works for you?

  1. Are you looking for long-term or short-term tasks? Some clients only offer short-term tasks. The payment is fixed, and it consists of 5-10 job descriptions. When you’re done, you may or may not continue working for them. Set your expectations.
  2. How much are you willing to start? There’s nothing wrong with an entry level salary, commissions or service fee. After all, you want to know the in’s and out’s of working. Just make sure to accept the offer that you’re willing. If you have a target salary, look for jobs with that salary.
  3. Is your CV ready? Please prepare CV that highlights skills related to your job. If you want to work as a writer, enumerate your experiences in this field.
  4. What kind of work environment do you have? Never accept an online job that requires stable internet connection or frequent video streaming if you have a poor internet connection. I’m not saying postpaid is always required. In fact, I’ve completed several tasks using a pocket WiFi and prepaid broadband connection. It’s best to be honest though whenever you’re asked of these situations.

Types of Online Jobs for Students

While there are many jobs posted online, you will be surprised that the skills are focused on the following:

  1. Oral & written communication
  2. Marketing
  3. IT or Software-related skills

Let’s enumerate these jobs that you have to start looking for!

Are you excellent in oral & written communication?

  1. Online Tutor. There are many review centers looking for online tutors. Now that we have shifted to online, many parents, children or foreign clients are in need of online tutors. Do you excel at any academic subject? You might be good at English too! You can teach kids and adults.
  2. Academic Contributor. If you don’t like showing your face, you can be an academic contributor. Most online jobs will allow you to answer questions, participate in surveys, solve Math problems and research topics.
  3. Transcriptionist. Do you want to stay away from education? You can find transcriptionist job that pays you specific amount per word. All you need to do is to listen to the recording, transcribe, and submit your work.

Do you have passion in digital marketing?

  1. Social Media Manager. Businesses will pay you to handle IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube or Tiktok accounts! You need to create engaging posts to keep the account updated.
  2. Google Ads / FB Ads Manager. Similar to the previous job, it’s related to social media but focuses on advertisements. All small and big businesses pay for ads but they need someone who will use the right keyword to target specific audience.
  3. Online Posting. In this type of task, you need to share posts to several groups, participate in comment discussion, create new accounts, and others to encourage discussion in your client’s account. I think it’s also a popular intern job for most college students.

Are you into building websites & boosting their online ranking?

  1. Website Developer. Have you ever wondered how to create websites? It’s not as easy as you think but the demand is high in this industry. You may study online, master the craft, and create several websites. Once you learn the functions, you can create your portfolio.
  2. Website Designer. This is different from a developer. You’re not focused on the functions but the design of the website. Does it match the brand of the company?
  3. SEO Specialist. Contrary to what others know, you don’t just need writing skills in this field. If you love analytics, external and internal links, you can try this one. It can start out from a simple outlining to client coordination.

I’m certain there are more online jobs that I haven’t mentioned yet! Of course, we have live streaming, financial sector, gaming industry, stock market and even travel blogs.

They might need you! Start looking for your online jobs right now! 🙂

Rowena Andrada

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Mary Jane Villar
Jul 30, 2021 5:53 PM

It’s worth it! Instead of spending your day watching videos, try working for 2-3 hours. You’re gonna get paid!