Part-Time Jobs for Students: Start Early!

Rowena Andrada
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Maybe you’re browsing online every night just to see part-time jobs for students posts. You can’t wait to earn your own money, and spend it on your needs! Or, you simply want an allowance for your wants – movie tickets, games, or dating.

When I was in college, I had the exact same thoughts. I wanted to get hired so I could continue studying. My tuition fee then was not high but I had to keep up with daily allowance and budget. I want a decent meal, aside from the student meal, and new clothes. Not to mention, my professors kept on asking us to pay for projects. Research studies needed to have plenty of printing while revising.

I had no choice but to find part-time jobs for students. Yet, I never regretted starting early.

Reminders Before Finding Part-Time Jobs For Students

Remember that there are many jobs waiting for you but not every task is suitable for your needs. Don’t end up wasting your precious time in the recruitment process only to realize that the work schedule is impossible.

Before hitting the apply button, review the checklist before.

  1. Look for a job that allows part-time work and students. Some companies are reluctant in hiring students since they have class schedule to follow. Be honest in the beginning that you’re a student looking for an extra work. Never lie, and tell your background as a student.
  2. Apply for a job with a flexible or graveyard schedule. My part-time jobs before used to follow 7PM-11PM and 4PM-9PM schedule. I was lucky to have my classes in the morning. If your class schedule follows morning shift, try looking for a job that starts in the afternoon or at night.
  3. Workplace must be near your school or home. Don’t underestimate the idea of travelling from your home / school to your office. If it’s an online job, you’re very fortunate. If it requires you to stay in the office, find an office near your school. You don’t want to miss your classes because of work.
  4. Know your priorities. Always consider your class schedule. Finish your studies and don’t replace it with a temporary job. If your goal is to earn, look for a higher compensation. If your goal is to learn, look for a job related to your course.

Why You Should Start Early

Now that your priorities are clear, it’s time for you to reap the benefits of starting early in finding part-time jobs. After you graduate, you will even start your career. If you plant to start your own business, at least you’re able to experience working.

When I started early, I learned valuable lessons!

  1. Work ethics. Each workplace or company, either office-based or home-based, follows specific culture. You will learn that it’s quite different when you’re working. You can’t ask for constant help and considerations from your superiors. Study and follow the company’s rules.
  2. Independence. At school, you will receive lessons and instructions before you start a task. At work, you’re expected to be competent enough to deliver your duties. You will study beyond work hours in the beginning, read tasks and figure out things on your own. There’s no room for spoonfeeding.
  3. Budgeting. You will enjoy your first salary but find yourself wanting more on your 4th or 5th month of working. The thought of earning money on a regular basis results in unnecessary spending. Make sure you budget and pay everything accordingly. Was that for your tuition fee? Pay it while you still have money. Set aside your wants in the meantime.
  4. Balance. When you start early, you will realize that balance between work and personal life is hart to keep. It’s very important to not lose yourself, friends, passion and family when you’re working. These are temporary positions but make sure to keep the long-term ones.

If you’re decided to find part-time jobs for students, don’t hesitate and prepare as early as possible.

After all, it’s a new chapter in your life that’s new and different from what you did in the past years!

Rowena Andrada

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Mary Jane Villar
Jul 30, 2021 5:59 PM

Please! If may extra time especially ngayong online classes, go for it! It’s worth it!