Learning Science through YouTube: Free Online Materials

Rowena Andrada
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Learning Science through YouTube educational videos is possible!

I have seen so many posts on Facebook from Filipino students who are struggling to learn Science and other subjects because of online classes. Although studying online is not new, it’s something that majority of students in the Philippines have yet to experience.

I get it! It’s always challenging to learn ideas in a different set up. For years, we have been taught this subject inside classrooms.

Lectures are great, but experiments, activities, worksheets, videos and others are all great supplemental materials too. This is why most students are looking for other materials.

Now that online class is the best option even for public school, it’s better to find educational videos with great content.

What about learning Science through YouTube? Let’s collect these videos!

The Penguin Prof

This account is handled by Valerie Pennington who is generous enough to make tutorials of different Science Lessons. She’s a professor of Biology at Southwestern College.

Crash Course

What if you can learn crash courses through Science? This is the mission of Crash Course team that’s why they set up various courses for students to learn! Currently, they’re working on Organic Chemistry.

Bonus: You can also find videos in History.


With more than 600,000 subscribers, Letstute continues its mission to cater to all students around the world! They aim to make complicated lessons in Science to be easy, understandable, and interesting through YouTube videos. No wonder they get positive comments for each video!

Teacher’s Pet

Checking the channel, Teacher’s Pet seems to have unique titles for each lesson. However, there are also basic lessons that you may want to check out!


It seems that he’s very active in providing Science lessons. This Filipino channel aims to explain lessons through online narration. If you are fond of this technique, check out Keanno’s YouTube. He also contributes free & premium courses for us. 

Visit any of the following:

Introduction to Biology

Adventure inside the Cell: Tour for SHS Students

Marky Ermac

According to his channel, Teacher Marky is a DepEd Science Teacher. He loves sharing educational content most especially for Senior High School students. If you are an incoming Grade 11 students, watch all of his videos!

DepEd TV

Of course, one of the best resources is DepEd TV Channel. These teachers gave their best to possess the skill of a video lecturer. I appreciate the idea of these hard working teachers while recording videos. They want nothing but for students to learn. Let’s support DepEd!

Learning Science through YouTube is not a “new practice”. For years, we have watched National Geographic and other big companies providing lectures on this complicated yet interesting subject.

It’s just awesome to know that our beloved teachers are doing their best to create their own online platform too!

Do you know any other educational YouTube channels? Comment below!

Opportunities for Teachers

Free Materials for Students

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Gilbert Dila Pepi
Apr 26, 2021 1:37 PM

Hmmm why is it hard to study Science. Compared to other subjects, I just don’t get it

Maria Cara
Oct 11, 2020 9:10 PM

Thank you to all teachers creating these YouTube accounts to share their knowledge!