REWARD YOURSELF! The secret to staying motivated

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Reward yourself because you deserve it!

In times like this, students are often bombarded with a lot of difficult activities, whether it’s modular or online learning. We are expected to read a bunch of handouts, type documents, create presentations, and study for examinations.

Based on first-hand experience, it is really challenging to keep yourself at pace and motivated to do your expected tasks. Imagine telling yourself every hour that you can do this, and you will eventually get the fruit of your labor.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

As we sail through the sea of works, our performance declines if not compensated with a little time for break or reward. Here are some ideas that might just help you tp boost your motivation, while rewarding yourself too!

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Reward yourself with…

1. Sleep as a long term reward!

If you exhausted yourself while working on some real big tasks, then don’t take away SLEEP for yourself.

Sleep deprivation is proven to have an effect on the performance of a student. Imagine yourself as a phone. If you reach the draining point, everything will be more difficult from that point. So if you can, recharge.

This isn’t a reward that you have a choice whether to pick or not. Sleep is essential!

Reward yourself with…

2. A much-needed snack break!

While there are a many types of learners, there are also variety of rewards that can really pump motivation to someone. And for some, a quick snack break every 30 minutes fits them best.

Whenever you accomplish something, you get to taste your favorite food, it can also help you become more alert and focused on your succeeding tasks.

There are different snacks that you can try such as nuts, pastries, sweets (works for me!) and of course, COFFFEEE! (Just be careful not to spill it!)

Reward yourself with…

3. Social media – YouTube, Reddit, Tiktok! 

Hmmmm, I’m kind of unsure with this but there are study enthusiasts who seem to just find it rewarding to visit their timelines every now and then especially after small works.

However, I would suggest that you STRICTLY limit your social media reward as this may lead to unwanted scrolling and the next you know, you’re trapped again within the procrastination cycle.

Also, if you are into videos, you might need to establish a proportion with your “reward time” and “working hours.” If you are into short TikTok, or YouTube videos, then you can insert it every 30-45 minute work.

Rewards work best when it’s disciplined!

Finally, reward yourself with…

4. Videos, videos, videos!

Speaking of YouTube and Tiktok, why not watch longer videos! Perhaps, a movie?

This is so effective for me! At the end of the day, I always make sure that I get to watch my favorite series, at least an episode of it. Of course, I do it after finishing my duties as a student.

Currently I am watching Avatar: Legend of Korra!

But if your reward is a little longer than that, like an episode of your series or a movie, then you might need to work a little longer before getting it!

All these rewards would only work if you love your work and you are dedicated to it. Sometimes, it has a bad effect that we only end up chasing the reward instead of learning through the process.

Still, remember that it isn’t always the end point that matters, but the journey.

Reward yourself responsibly!

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