How to Choose the Right Strand in Senior High School

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While I was checking a Facebook group, I’ve seen too many posts of students asking how to choose the right strand in senior high school. They’re all wondering if there are any tips to choose the right strand.

“Should I choose ABM or STEM? Which will give me a better future? Will I secure a job with a higher salary?”

While jobs and compensation are good factors in choosing a strand in senior high school, there are more important points that you must consider!

Which strand in senior high school will give you the best experience?

What do I mean by this? Studying itself is a beautiful experience. You are in a hurry to get out from school but you’ll realize how these experiences can hone you as a person.

Why are you so worried about the future? Your experiences today will help you build that tomorrow! When you choose the right strand, try asking these to yourself.

  1. Which strand are you most interested in? Every strand offers specific skills and subjects. When you were in junior high school, were you into Science and Technology? What about numbers? Do you feel excitement when calculating or managing people? Maybe, you love presenting speech and communication is your asset. You see, you have to understand first what you like.
  2. What skills or subjects do you excel? If you’re not subjective, you can try an objective approach. Look at your subjects and previous tests. Which of them did you have a high score? As they say, you have to know your strengths and pursue them. Maximize your gifts!
  3. What feedback do you hear from your seniors? When you were a freshman, did you make friends to your juniors or seniors? What did they say about their chosen strand in senior high school? Were they happy in their chosen field? You can always ask for suggestions.
  4. Which strand is a stepping stone to your dream? Did you have any childhood dream? It’s time to pursue it by choosing the best strand in senior high school.

What if you like to choose a strand that offers the best jobs?

As I mentioned earlier, I do not really think that the job itself is the only consideration. The truth is, we will all end up building our own lives, career and empire. But if this is the only consideration you have, you can try the following:

  1. Look for jobs with high demand. There was a year in which the nurse was really in demand but right now, anything related to IT and digital marketing is the trend. Why not look for articles that provide a glimpse of good jobs in the next future.
  2. Decide whether you want to work in the Philippines or abroad. This is a great factor when looking for jobs. I have a friend who wanted to live in Japan. Every step she did was related to teaching since that country is in need of English teachers. What if you want to work in the Middle East or Europe? Look for the best jobs in those countries.
  3. Determine the lifestyle you want. Before, we have the idea of employees staying in the office with a schedule of 8AM – 5PM. However, we have many options right now! Some jobs have flexible schedule, and offer work from home. Try researching for work that might give you these options.

Just remember that choosing the right strand in senior high school is one of the many decisions you will make as you grow older.

Whatever you choose, never regret! Make the most out of it, and enjoy your experiences. Cherish your friends and don’t waste your time assessing whether you made the right decision or not!

Facebook Group I mentioned earlier: UPCAT/PUPCET/ACET/DCAT/USTET – Comprehensive Review

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Mary Jane Villar
Jul 30, 2021 5:53 PM

I guess wag nalang mag regret kung sakali. Sayang naman! It’s not yet the end if mali man yung strand.