iACADEMY Arts & Design: What did I experience as a student?

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To be a student of iACADEMY Arts & Design is definitely a dream come true. However, the journey itself is not that easy. Similar to other courses, it requires courage, determination and strong dedication.

When I chose the path of Arts and Design, I had known that it would be rough. However, I was confident that my determination to accomplish was much stronger than everything else. That’s what kept me going. Doing things I love will never be a regret for me because I know it makes me happy and gives my life a purpose.

Why did I choose iAcademy?

iACADEMY is known for being a famous school when it comes to Arts & Design and that is one of the top reasons why I chose this place to unfold my journey.

To tell you honestly, I literally started my days from the bottom at iACADEMY Arts & Design. Background, technology and other things that are related to Arts & Design, I didn’t know anything about these. However, I do have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to photography and video editing. After all, that’s my forte and things I can proudly say I am good at. This is why I still insisted in pursuing Arts & Design to take the Media & Visual Arts with Specialization in Multimedia Arts.

How was it?

When the school started, I was like a lost puppy in the middle of the crowd. I didn’t even have the gadgets such as drawing pad, laptop, art materials, etc. which were important for an Arts & Design student. The only thing I had was a camera since my passion is photography and video editing. It was really hard especially with the laptop! Most of the lectures were placed in a document or presentation.

There is one experience of mine that I would never forget at IAC. From 8 AM in the morning until 9 PM in the evening, I was still in school due to workloads since it needed to be passed at the very same day. I can even remember how hard I was nagged by my parents that time yet. My parents got worried but they couldn’t do anything. They ended up supporting these activities.

Pulling an all-nighter was indeed part of my routine! These heavy workloads by doing plates & projects stole my supposed sleep. Another hard thing I came across with is coming up of a concept for every artwork.  Coffee became my best friend for the past two years of my senior high.

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As an Arts & Design student, I had to battle against the following:

  • Pricy tuition fee
  • Endless criticisms of work
  • Lack of motivation
  • Self-doubt, especially with outpuut
  • Lots of breakdown
  • Stress

All I just wanted to say, do the things that will make you happy. Even if you’re exhausted, it will never matter because you love what you’re doing. Personally, there are many times that I thought of giving up. Thank goodness it’s a dream of mine!

It’s okay to take a rest and after that, stand up again to fight for what you want!

—Danielle C.

I love writing articles as well as doing photography. As an aspiring journalist, I have a strong passion for these activities!

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