4 Ways to Make an Online Class Fun and Productive

Rowena Andrada
| | 3 min read

Online class has captured the attention of Filipinos this 2020! It’s no wonder why many articles, memes and controversies have emerged over the past few months.

Although it’s mostly associated to negative ideas, we can’t deny that it’s been used as the primary method of teaching this school year. Everyone, including the students, parents, faculty members and schools, contributed to the success of launching an online class in public and private schools.

We made huge adjustments for sure! Since we can’t escape from the idea of an online class, the best we can do is to make it fun and productive! How should we do this?

4 Ways to Make an Online Class Fun and Productive

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Strong Presence from the Instructor

Let’s be honest! An online class may lack the characteristics of a real conversation. You don’t get the chance to see the body language of the instructor or students. It lacks visual representations as well.

Result? It leads to students’ lack of attention or focus along the way.

Answer? Strong presence from the instructor. What does it really mean?

When the students know that the instructor is committed in teaching in an online class environment, it makes the learners more engaged.

Instructors must lead the flow of the class, conversation, and even the responses by the use of simple commands or easy instructions. Moreover, a well-modulated voice is helpful.

It means that the instructor’s presence is ready to lead the class.

Engaging Conversations

I remember a student who shared a story on how he became easily comfortable with his instructions. He mentioned that it was the genuine personality and interesting topics that captured his attention.

Instructors have to use topics relevant to the current situation. Talk about issues at home, calamities, trending topics, and others just to get the attention of the students.

Oh, don’t forget the quick response too! We need to respond quickly to any question being raised by the student. Make it as natural as possible. Let’s hope that our internet service provider does not fail us for a poor connection!

Interactive Activities

Aside from sharing a PPT, what other activities have you made in the class? Have you tried online games or quiz in the class to make it interactive?

This is the challenging part. No matter how convenient it is to discuss the lesson and let the students answer the module, it will be very tiring in the long run.

To keep the activities in the class interesting, instructors may exert effort in finding activities. Online Quiz or Flashing of Answers seem interesting though!

Allowing students to present with an online show format is very useful to English classes!

Easy Access to Module

Let’s face it! Online class can be very challenging to students who have limited resources. It requires a quiet environment and convenient laptop. The least we can do is to provide an easy access to module!

Stop providing modules that can be accessed by clicking multiple links. Present modules requiring fewer clicks. In addition, secured module is possible as long as the only ones enrolled will be the students.

After all, an online class is about making teaching and learning efficient! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Monica De dios
Oct 28, 2020 10:29 PM

Salamat po dito. Helpful po!

Oct 26, 2020 6:59 PM

Agree ako dito. Minsan kasi kapag tahimik na klase sa online, nakakaantok na din