Misconceptions about Teaching in the Philippines

Rowena Andrada
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How many misconceptions about teaching in the Philippines have you heard before?

People tend to assume odd things about teaching profession such as working less than the usual 8 hours. They feel that teachers in the Philippines have applied for a loan, and get paid even without attending classes. Seriously?

There are so many misconceptions about teaching that have to be corrected. For once, let’s stop generalizing that all teachers get the same advantages, or disadvantages.

Sure, there are perks when you’re a teacher but there are also many factors to consider.

Misconceptions about teaching that we should all break ASAP

Working less than 8 hours

Okay, I get it. Not all teachers have the usual 8-hour regular work hours. The schedule depends on class or school. A part-time teacher may work for less than 4 hours while a full-time worker needs at least 6 hours.

Although it’s true, I strongly believe teachers work beyond 8 hours. Imagine preparing presentations before the class, checking exams, attending class consultations, or even meetings with the department.

During my 1st year of teaching, I thought my schedule would give me more free time.

I ended up working until 2:00AM just to check papers of students! Let’s stop assuming that teachers have much free time.

The work they dedicate does not stop outside the classroom.

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Authority to be Late

I have heard this several times, and it makes me laugh. Students always feel that teachers do not need to be at school as early as 8:00AM since teachers have the authority to be late.

I wonder where this idea originated.

No. All teachers still need to be in the class at least 15 minutes before their class. They have to attend seminars, events, flag ceremonies, graduation rites and others.

In fact, most teachers have a special role during these events. They’re very flexible in schedule.

Whenever they get asked to attend to a special event, they have to be there. For sure there are teachers who tend to be late or absent in class.

But, teachers still need to arrive on time.

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Fixed Income or Professional Fees

Many are mistaken about these misconceptions about teaching.

One my students said before that teachers didn’t need to be present during class. She claimed that they get paid anyway.

Have you ever seen of admin staff going around to check if classes have teachers around them?

Contrary to what most people believe, teachers need to be in the class. If they get caught, they are being called or reprimanded by higher authorities.

They can have deductions if they’re absent.

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Multiple Loan Holders

This is one of the misconceptions about teaching that makes me sad!

Perhaps it’s the low salary of teachers that makes others think about loans. They associate teachers with loans from various government or private agencies.

However, it’s not true all the time. Teachers don’t deserve this kind of image. Instead, it’s about time we provide them what they deserve.

Well, not just teachers but other professions as well who are working hard to feed their families.

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Master of None

They say if you are not good at anything, go ahead and teach. I wonder who even said this? It’s an OLD idea that should never be said.

It’s an outright disrespect for teachers who work hard just to be in their position.

Teachers will always be the mother of all professions. Without the dear teachers who are skilled with their respective profession, there will be no architects, engineers, accountants, and others.

It’s time to break this misconception about teaching and respect all the hard work they do for us.

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Bonus Misconception about Teaching 🙂

No Luck in Love 

No matter how funny this is, teachers are often accused of being single. I guess teachers have dedicated their entire life in teaching.

They treat their students as children. They are committed in providing excellent work.

As a result, they forget about their personal goals in love.

BUT, most teachers nowadays value balance. They understand that finding love improves overall wellness. LOL

I have seen so many gorgeous teachers, male or female, who are lucky in love.

Let’s stop this misconception about teaching as well.

What about you? What misconceptions about teaching do you know?

Comment below.

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