Teaching and Training: What are the differences between the two?

Rowena Andrada
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Do you think teaching and training are the same? Or, do they have differences?

Although teachers can be trainers, and vice versa, the job itself might have significant differences. I, myself, have experienced both to be a teacher and a trainer.

Based on my experience, I can say that my persona does change depending on my task for the day.

Nowadays, teachers have become adventurous in their respective careers. Instead of staying in the classroom, they have become very active in conducting training, course writing, and others.

How do teaching and training differ? Let’s discuss the factors below.

Nature of Profession

Here’s my first thought between teaching and training.

Teaching is a classroom manager. A manager is someone who is concerned with all administrative tasks involved such as attendance, students, parents, school, and others. As they say, teachers are definitely the representatives of any school.

Trainers, on the other hand, are considered to be coordinators. Why did I say so? While teachers play a vital role in what a school does,ย  trainers are concerned on how to deliver the program of the organization. They have specific goals, and that’s what they want to deliver in the class.

Schedule & Time with Students

As we all know, teachers will be our 2nd parents for six to nine months. Image having your aunt or cousin with you for almost a month? You will feel at home, and open to anything you discuss.

Since teachers are with us beyond one month, they will be someone we can talk to. I remember how students, who experience family problems, tend to go to their teachers and ask for advice.

When I first experienced it, I had to admit it was indeed awkward! I felt that it’s not right, especially since I wasn’t that type of student who would talk about these things. But, I guess it’s the developed relationship for a long time.

On the other hand, trainers have very limited and predictable schedule with their class. Most of the time, it’s an arrangement between the organization and school.

As a trainer, I made sure that every second or minute was productive! I formulated games and activities which are relevant to the discussion. Nothing personal; just pure business.

It’s an obvious difference of teaching and training.

Use Google Calendar for Class Schedule

Objectives in the Class

Speaking of business, trainers lean toward the concept of class objectives. Classes are skill-based so the approach is based on strategies. They devise plans and tasks to make students learn and practice skills.

In terms of classroom teaching, there are lesson objectives but the definitions, concepts, and nature are included in the material. Furthermore, teachers love analyzing each lesson for better understanding!

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Class Atmosphere

Some might disagree and it totally depends on the personality of the teachers. As a trainer, I tend to be very lively, yet strict. I have planned everything. What will happen after the first hour? I have it in my mind. After all, I follow guidelines.

In class, I do follow a schedule but it’s very flexible. Students ask questions, and the discussions can go on forever! Perhaps, it’s because I know there will always be a next meeting.

This one was weird but I do remember one presentation from a training session. The HRM students were very energetic, and I guess they’re a group of talented individuals. When one started performing, everyone was hyped up. I wanted to go on but a scheduled online assessment would be live in less than an hour.

The teacher in me would like to continue the presentation, but my trainer’s side instructed me to stop. So, I did!

Obviously, it’s a trait between teaching and training that I couldn’t balance.

teaching and training


Yes. Even in assessment, teaching and training differ.

Ahh. How can we not distinguish the assessment of trainers and teachers? Trainers assess students based on what they learned during the training. Most assessments are practical, demonstration, or presentation.

In the classroom, teachers provide variety in assessing students. They follow some guidelines or objectives in doing so. Do we remember the pop quiz in name identification?

Honestly, these are just some of the differences I could think of. Despite the differences, for sure teaching and training have one ultimate goal. That is, to make students better and prepare them for the future! ๐Ÿ™‚

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