Silliman University Professors: Meet them!

Gaile Teves
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Planning to study in Dumaguete? Meet the Silliman University professors!

The new set up for classes has become a challenge for students and faculty alike. There’s a sudden transition to distance learning and the anxiety that comes from being in the middle of a pandemic. You need to adapt to right away. Indeed, it has been difficult to go about these times.

However, there are many teachers that go above and beyond with their job and strive hard! They truly give us the best learnings that we will bring with us for the rest of our lives.

Despite the extra struggles that all of us go through, such as the background noise that we apologize for during recitations, or the frustration of being disconnected from the video conference, these professors make it easier.

I write this to show appreciation for all the teachers who have been inspiring throughout this difficult time.

To the Silliman University professors that care about what they teach,

There are teachers who have so much passion behind their eyes whenever they give lectures. Classes with these professors are always so intriguing, even if you’re listening to it through a Zoom call. They grab your attention and make you listen with a certain drive from their energy that is simply contagious.

For the professors who always keep it real,

I cannot be grateful enough for the teachers who always make sure the classes you take are worthwhile and go the extra mile to apply the theories from lessons to real life situations. If taking college classes on a laptop while inside the house for a year does anything, it definitely drains our motivation to keep going.

However, the teachers that always ground us and remind us of how these lessons could help us in our future professional lives, definitely bring back the enthusiasm for what lies ahead, beyond the [online] classroom.

To all memorably understanding Silliman University Professors,

If there is one thing we can all deeply appreciate during this time, it is the Silliman professors who are understanding. More specifically, the ones that extend attendance checks throughout the whole day of class, in case the internet is spotty in the area, or the ones that give reasonable days to work on assignments.

They are the teachers who are aware of the differences of online learning and traditional classes. Teaching for both can’t be done the same way. Despite our hectic schedule and quick deadline, they have the same intention to teach us.

Even if they are very considerate, there is no need to compromise actual learning. Some Silliman professors need to understand that you don’t need to be strict to make sure your students are learning. Many times, a conducive learning environment can be attained with patience and support, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

And finally, to the ones who give you the extra push,

Our teachers just want us to succeed. The one thing that all Silliman university professors have in common is that they care about their students. They only want us to reach the best version of ourselves!

So, thank your professors for the hard work they’ve done.

Gaile Teves

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