Netflix Movies to Watch with Friends

Gaile Teves
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One of the best barkada bonding activities is going to the theatres and seeing a movie. However, many movie theaters aren’t open as of now, but thankfully there are plenty movies available to watch on Netflix.

Whether you are bonding with the people you already live with or you’re on a platform design to simultaneously stream Netflix movies together, there is always the long decision making process for what movie to watch.

Here are a few suggestions by category to help make your decision.

Documentaries on Netflix

FYRE (2019)
This is an interesting documentary that goes behind the scenes for a failed event. It was destined to be a spectacular event, but it sketchy practices and unethical marketing strategies lead to its downfall. It would be fun to watch this Netflix movie with your friends and recall all the plans you made but they didn’t push through the way you expected.

The Founder (2016)
McDonalds is an iconic fastfood chain, it is globally known and loved my many. However this documentary will give you and your friends a new perspective on the business and remember it each time you share a Barkada French Fry bundle.

Comedy Movies on Netflix

Murder Mystery (2019)
This Netflix movie stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler and revolves around the trip that their characters take as a married couple on an overdue honeymoon. If you and your friends are interested in dark comedy and suspenseful plots that keep you on your toes and always guessing, then this is perfect for your next movie night.

Bad Moms (2016)
Sometimes we need to be reminded how much our caretakers sacrifice for us and strive hard to balance every aspect of their lives. Also, we need to remember how we should take it easy every now and then.

Romantic Netflix Movies

Mamma Mia (2008)
This is definitely one of the classics to watch. On the Greek island of Kalokairi you can follow the story of a single mother and her three ex-lovers. Its songs are catchy and fun to sing along with and it should make a fun movie night to watch and dance along to with friends.

Someone Great (2019)
Every now and then it feels good to watch a cheesy breakup movie that might get you reaching for tissues, especially with friends. This movie is about a girl moving on from a breakup with her boyfriend of 9 years. She does this with the help of her friends.

La La Land (2016)
This is personally one of my favorite movies. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone did amazing jobs with their characters. The rewatch value of this Netflix movie is definitely up there. Watching this with your friends would be so fun and enjoyable, especially with the two leads being very attractive.

Action Movies on Netflix

The Tourist (2010)
If you and your friends are in the mood to watch an action movie on Netflix, then this one with plot twists and thrilling action sequences is the one to watch. Starring Johnny Depp as an American tourist, you can watch his adventure with Angelina Jolie’s character.

Spy movies are always entertaining. Comedy movies about spies are even more entertaining. Watching this movie with friends is a must. This movie is full of laughs and fun action sequences.

Gaile Teves

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