Clopified… Collective Learning of People. What? Why? How?

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A coin with two sides may have two opposing opinions,
A story with three characters are expected to have three different perspectives,
A play with four, six or more actors should have four, six or more contradicting dialogues,
A world with hundreds, thousands, or millions of beautiful creatures, therefore, have more than millions of unique stories to tell, to hear, and to share…

…and these comprise the foundation of “Clopified – Collective Learning of People”


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“Nothing easy comes with a shortcut”

Let’s all travel to the world of our “firsts” – first time to be at school, first chance of knowing a friend, or first touch with our gadgets.

Those good old days.

In the beginning, we see them as gateways of excitement. How will I go through with it? How will I operate it? How will I be able to keep it without losing its value? Am I worthy of having this?

Here’s the sad part: these positive feelings, no matter how strong they ONCE were, are destined to be stolen by time sooner or later.

Excitement turns into dismay.
Hope becomes doubt.
Love fades into hatred until…

…we long for something new.

Sounds familiar?

How we deal with brand new things such as smartphones, laptops, clothes, and cars among others could be quite similar with how we perceive life.

Sure. It is quite illogical to compare life with these matters. But aren’t we going through the same cycle?

We learn to walk but we long to rest.
We start attending school but we hate the requirements.
We apply for a job but we’re dying to resign.
We choose marriage but we desire to restart.
We want to live but we sometimes choose the other side of the story.

Whether we admit it or not, this is a struggle we’re all experiencing. But what makes others able to live a meaningful life while some are dragged into a pointless race?

The answer begins with another “L”learning.

“Isn’t this a cliché? Isn’t it what our classroom teachers have said? Isn’t it applicable to formal students alone?”

No. Here are the THREE reasons why LEARNING keeps us GOING.

1. Learning is CALLING.

Humans are designed to feel and to think. When we feel, these emotions stimulate our fuel. When we think, we find ourselves functional and valuable in this world.

It gives us gazillions of ideas to try out something new. It helps us understand the puzzles of the world. We end up with the realization that birds are good at flying and fish is structured for swimming.

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A few months after getting my diploma in college, I felt the emptiness despite the money I earned from my first full-time job. In the Philippines, the salary of BPO customer representatives is way higher than other entry-level positions. Thinking that I was earning sufficiently to sustain my needs, I squandered the hard-earned money with material things to convince myself that I was maximizing the potentials of my earning. The worst mistake was treating my job as a way of earning money.

To emphasize, it was the WORST mistake. When we start believing that our lives are only meant to generate INCOME, we turn to be miserable. Learning must always be present, and calling them in our lives is a RESPONSIBILITY.

There are thousands of stories to prove and there’s no need to mention them all. J.K Rowling, who was making both ends meet, decided on doing other things but never forgot to CALL her passion until she hit the stone.

She has never stopped from chasing it. She continued on writing, learning from mistakes, and eventually growing to a person she has always desired to be.


2. Learning is COLLECTING.

Collecting what? Money? Likes? Admiration from people? Insurance? Investment? Letters?

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None of the above.

This pertains to the life essentials.

Who haven’t heard of the famous quotation of Steve Jobs? We “connect the dots by looking backwards”?


As I look back to the decisions I’ve made from the past, I’d say I was one crazy person. BPO CSR, English instructor, curriculum writer, teacher, video lecturer, entrepreneur, speaker, and so on… How did I manage to experience all of them in a span of 7 years? The only pride I take in from these experiences is that I have done them to ensure that I choose to learn in those journey. When I feel that there’s an urge to experience something new, I gave in to the call and jumped to that side of the world. I could write thousands of stories about these but I’ll reserve them for now.


My job as a customer service representative has taught me the negotiation skills I would have never learned from others. This eventually became useful in convincing students to enroll in my English courses, or simply by setting the credibility of my teaching. Part-time jobs in writing allowed me to create an outline, research for contents, and revise my work that enhanced my publication and blogging skills. They are connected with one another.

Eventually, it aids us from driving our lives. We control our pace, our destination. We set where we want to go and how fast or slow it will be.

This is only possible as we CONSCIOUSLY COLLECT the learnings and ideas around us.


3. Learning is CREATING.

After collecting, what’s next?

Diploma? Certifications? Salary? Promotion? Travelling?

Could be but they may be short-term rewards. One gift of majestic life is the ability to CREATE something.

Creation –the highest form of knowledge.

In the field of education, Anderson and Krathwohl revised the highest forms of learning from evaluation to creation. This is probably one of the most significant changes proven in the past.

Imagine yourself listening to famous speech. The words resounded so much and moved you. At the end of the seminar, what should you do?

a. Check the strengths and weaknesses of the speakers. Reread the content of the speech, and point out how it can be improved.

b. Find a way on how to apply these words and experience them on your own.


As human beings, it’s natural for us to create something new. We want to move and offer the world what we have by allowing others to hear these words, producing a new style, personalizing traditional concepts, and others.

By this, we become SIGNIFICANT in our own ways. When we start affecting at least one person in our lives, we can be a living testimony of our personal advocacies.

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Next step: How should I do it?

First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.

Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill, who has inspired many with his self-help books, once said that we must be aware on the needs of this world. This is where we start. When someone demands it, it must be given.

ALIBABA of Jack Ma. TESLA of Elon Musk. FACEBOOK of Mark Zuckerberg.

ORANGE Apps of Gian Javelona. JOLLIBEE of Tony Tan Caktiong.

Regardless if it’s popular or not, as long as someone needs it, create it!


This is what Clopified believes in.

Eight Person Huddling


We call situations to discover something new.
We collect the learnings from these experiences.
We create something out of these called and collected learnings.

Through this community, we believe that there’s a “need to be filled”. We aspire to call and collect smaller pieces of learning from this world comprising the hundreds, thousands, and millions of people.

We want everyone to answer the question:

“What did you learn today?”

…and do it by writing the call, collect, and create cycle.

We have numerous stories to tell but we cannot build this community with shared learning alone. Everyone is deemed as a VALUABLE CONTRIBUTOR of the posts. If one person can contribute a LOT, how much more can TWO or MORE people do?

If big opportunities can be conceived by one person, how much more can be produced by the collective learning and efforts of people?

What did you learn today? Post your learning.
What do you want to know? Ask questions. 
What do you like to contribute? Upload files here.


Comment below. 


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Rowena Andrada

Share ideas. Create opportunities.

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Anna Alvarez
December 7, 2018 11:48 AM

Thank you for this article. It reminds me so much of my teachers and professors telling us constantly that we should set or create our own path. As students, we were asked to do projects. I didn’t know that these projects would serve as our small creations. I do hope I can create one in the future too.

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