Go Back to Basics: Self, Loved ones, and Society

Rowena Andrada
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No matter how long the journey is,
Be it to the north to south or west to east,
We started at a certain point…
A beginning that ignited it all.


A boy is staring at challenging questions without answers
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When did you last answer this question? 

Have you even tried searching for answers?

Why do you force yourself to wake up in the morning as early as 4:00AM?
Why do you pretend to be okay by following the instructions of your supervisors?
Why do you read books, expand your learnings, acquire new skills, and improve yourself?
Why do you even bother spending your hard-earned money just to travel to other places or countries?

There are many ways as to why we do these things but I can attest that most people will use the following answers: to keep up with the trend, to break life’s monotony, to comply with the society’s standard, and to show others that your life is perfect.

I know this because I have witnessed many people working so hard without any direction.

I, myself, am not an exception.

Students get good scores and become motivated. Eventually, these good scores pile up to obtain a much-awaited degree. True enough?

But when the training at school is over, what’s next? To get a job? Once I get a job and a promotion, what will happen?

This is how the world sinks in individually inside one’s hearts.

We complete and race against the fastest element in the world – time. One day, you wake up as a teenager full of dreams and hopes of conquering the world. The next day, you wake up as an empty professional walking along the busy business district – without knowing where to go, and worse… WHY you’re walking in the first place.

Money, for certain, is a very good motivational factor. But once you have all of them, how will you use it?

I’ve often asked myself the same questions. If my answer goes back to the idea of keeping up with the trend, breaking life’s monotony, complying with the society’s standards, and showing others that my life is perfect, I suddenly refuse and become anxious of the future.

But what if we tell you that the answer to these questions is simple:

Go back to basics!

Basic refers to essential elements of human beings – fulfilling your first desires. The problem is we move forward in life without accomplishing the first goals. The ones we built when we were only starting tend to be forgotten after finding new ones.

Unfinished business, eventually, will haunt the desires of one’s heart.

I firmly believe that they’re planted there for a reason and most of the time, they are only composed of three elements: SELF, LOVED ONES, and SOCIETY.

Self is what’s INSIDE YOU.

Go back to basics! 

Every one has dreams. Dreams can vary from one person – entertainer, doctor, teacher, singer, and others. As others say, lucky are those whose dreams are realized at a very young age.

We’ve known stories, especially in the music industry, who spent their early years for their goals. While others are busy following what others want for them, we have Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Elon Musk, and many more who pursued the life they wanted.

How do we lose it?

We lose it because of DISTRACTIONS. These are in the form of money when we start earning, new course when an attractive path comes along, or responsibilities trapped by the situation.

This is not a joke.

One day, your fire is burning to start a venture out of an idea planted years in your life but the next day, you wake up with bills piled up that require you to work.

When these “short-term” goals enter the scene, the strong fire slowly fades, and leave an empty hole in one’s life.

Loved ones build the SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Go back to basics! 

Personally, I think living for one’s self is ABSURD. People achieve the HIGHEST ENERGY when loved ones are present.

We work hard because we want to please our loved ones – parents, children, partners, friends, relatives, and others.

We strive to be better because there are EYES monitoring every step of the way. We admit it or not, they are key elements that affect our decisions in life.

How do we lose it?

However, every relationship poses a great THREAT along the way.

We feel bitter towards our parents. Misunderstandings occur between partners. Differences in opinions destroy relationship.

We slowly lose the value and support we get from these important people.

When this relationship is damaged, we also lose compliments, happiness, integrity, patience, and the mere pleasure of being with them.

Society is an avenue towards SIGNIFICANCE.

Go back to basics! 

Your grade school teachers are not joking when they told you that you should be good citizens when you grow up!

Well, it might be different from what they intended but part of one’s fulfillment is significance. Not only as a citizen of one’s country, but of the whole world. 

TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS make up most success stories!

They have started their mission in life because they have seen a GAP that needs to be fulfilled. It’s not the SALES that fully drive one’s business, but the VISION it has for the society.

How do we lose it?

This opportunity is LOST every single day when we choose to focus our energy towards our selfish goals instead of the betterment of the society.

When we attain success but we fail to give back, we lose it.

Studies show that GIVING BACK makes one’s person happy. In fact, studies do not need to prove it since the mere act of helping a child along the street is already FULFILLING.

Jack Ma recently made news proclaiming how he wanted to go back to teaching. He could have been satisfied with his career but he chose to do another meaningful task.

Bill Gates can sit down all day and focus on his no-need-to-be-introduced Microsoft. However, he chose to go around the areas that needed help.

There’s a certain kind of happiness when we do these things.

How do we go back to basics?

Revisit the beginning that ignited your journey.

What is inside yourself?

It’s your heart whispering CONTINUOUS GROWTH.

What is the status of your support system in the form of your loved ones?

It’s your STRONG, BALANCED relationship with important people.

What is the avenue towards significance?

It’s your STRENGTH SHARED to this big world.

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Anna Alvarez
Dec 7, 2018 11:50 AM

I remember a video of Dan Lok – How to Win Against All Odds. He remembered the moment when his father died, and realized that everything he was pursuing would be pointless. At the end, it’s the significance among ourselves, loved ones, and society that truly matters.

I wish that by joining charity and other organizations, I could find the small significance in my society.