NSTP in Silliman University: Experiences into Stories

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NSTP in Silliman University is a requirement for all freshmen. In fact, it is one of the most memorable parts of freshman year in the Philippines.

According to National Service Training Program Act of 2001, NSTP is a program designed to help students develop service and nationalism. They don’t want students to focus on academics alone. Instead, they want to utilize activities to increase social awarenes.

As a student, you will learn to be responsible while contributing to the society as part of the nation’s young generation.

This program will give you three options to take:

  1. Civil Welfare Training Service (CWTS).  In this program, you get to choose activities focused on service.
  2. Literary Training Service (LTS). If you secretly want to become a teacher, this program allows you to deal with children while teaching literacy.
  3. Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). Experience how to be part of the military through this program. Develop your physical strength and discipline!

If you are having trouble which to choose for your required participation in the curriculum, we interviewed some students of Silliman University. They have completed their NSTP and asked about their experiences to help you make your decision.

Civic Welfare Training Service – NSTP in Silliman

What did you like the most about your NSTP Experience in CWTS?

“I highly appreciate how we do community service especially teaching the children or kids in a daycare center about proper ways in handling trash, right conduct during earthquakes, etc. It was a memorable experience since I got the chance to spread knowledge to the children and the opportunity to share laughter with them.” – Jake

“What I liked most in my NSTP experience was when I was able to socialize with other colleges while doing community work and I was able to witness many shows in the auditorium.”-Devi

If you would give any advice to your first year self about CWTS, what would it be?

“The advice I’d give to my first-year self is to follow what your heart desires, on what NSTP program you want to enter. And more importantly to be with your friends, so you could have more memories to treasure.” -Jake

“I wouldn’t need to give any because in CWTS I enjoyed what I have experienced and I was able to improve myself and grow as a person in CWTS.”-Devi

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Civic Welfare Training Service of Silliman University

Literary Training Service – NSTP in Silliman

What was your favorite part about taking LTS for NSTP?

“What I liked the most was that we weren’t under the sun as much as the other components [laughter] but in all seriousness, it was interesting since we were given the opportunity to meet children whose stories and experiences varied from each other. Some children weren’t really under the best circumstances, but they were still hopeful and were willing to learn. The actual teaching aspect was shorten due to the pandemic but that was the most memorable aspect.”-Janice

” I did not regret joining LTS despite the amount of paper works and group activities assigned to all of us. On top of that, I have always liked teaching children. The innocence of their age and the willingness to accept knowledge are the things that make them easily teachable. Apart from it, I also liked the time that I’ve spent with my group in LTS. They make things a lot easier. We always shared ideas about the lessons that we have taught and the games that we have prepared for our tutees. “-Rusty

Would you do anything different if you had the chance to go through LTS again?

” If I could tell my 1st year self some advice, I’d tell her to enjoy it more. There were a lot of interesting people and the workshops that took place (in one way or another) were helpful and made the whole (teaching experience) field work a little easier.”-Janice

“If there is anything that I could say to my first year self, it would be to never hesitate in joining LTS because it really was a nice experience. I’ve met a lot of people and I learned a lot from them.”-Rusty

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) – NSTP in Silliman

What was the most memorable part of joining ROTC?

“It was a good experience because it tackled discipline and nationalism. Most memorable for me were the drills we worked hard on for the Tactical Inspections, especially since the reputation of Silliman’s ROTC Unit depended on our performance.” -John

“I really liked wearing the uniform, the people in my company, and listening to the lectures.” – Allen

“As part of the medics, I was able to learn a lot about first aid and apply it on the field. I also liked that our group was also not as exposed to the sun compared to others.” -Meg

“Even if it was tiring, the experience is still really fun and you get to meet a lot of new people.” -Vanessa

What advice would you have given to yourself before joining ROTC?

“Always eat breakfast to prepare for the day in ROTC.” -Vanessa

“ROTC tests your strength as a whole. Make sure you are prepared mentally, physically and emotionally. At the end of the day it makes you stronger.”-John

“I would tell my first year self, ‘Good luck and enjoy’. -Allen

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Silliman University | ROTC

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