Teach and Learn: Tips for BSEd Students

Val Dela Rea
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BSEd students, are you ready to start your journey in teaching? 

There are MANY professions that senior high school want to pursue in college. A lot of kids want to become doctors, artists, journalists, writers, or athletes. Any profession, name it.

As a student, choosing what degree I should take in college really made me think about it for a long time. Not really that long but I was at least certain to where I want to be after months and years of pondering over it.

I came to realize that the profession that fits my abilities and passion is none other than the noblest profession of them all, teaching. And so I took this degree and of course, I had realizations that I wish knew earlier before entering this phase of my life.

For those BSEd students who want to try their luck in the field of teaching, here are some things I can share to you that might help as you unravel your journey in torch-lighting!

1. Organization is your friend as BSEd students!

Well, I don’t know for some but really, organizing is one of the challenging tasks of BSEd students. Considering the weight of information coming your way, you have to work on them.

For me, I created many presentations, sorted documents, and downloaded handouts. I kept folders on my PC to keep the important things stacked in one place.

In the future, when you become a teacher, this will surely help you especially with the grades, lesson plans, modules, and all things you (I mean, we) are not ready for hahaha!

2. Read, read, read.

Teaching is not always about talking and presenting. Your teaching must also be backed up with what we call “content knowledge.” Now that you’re still at the process of becoming a full-bloomed educator, you might want to equip yourself with knowledge about education and your major.

If you’re thinking that you need to deal with cute lessons alone, nope. There are various readings on laws and republic acts about the profession. Moreover, you have to search for researches and dissertations.

BSEd students need to read these to answer a single question, or in your major’s case, you might want to go deeper than the knowledge you have now about it.

In my case, I was a little bit shoook with how complex English is!

3. As a future teacher, you have to be creative. In all aspects.

Kung artsy-artsy ka, this might work on your favor but it goes beyond that. As a BSEd student, you will deal with a bunch of tasks that would push your creativity button for a million times. So as early as now, try to watch videos about teaching, lessons related to your major and try to visualize how will you be teaching these things.

As a student naman, expose yourself to different experiences. You might need to act, create multimedia presentations, sing, dance, debate and the like…so you gotta be ready! (This is real!)

4. Be brave, every single day. 

The best of you, teacher, will not be juiced out over night. As an education student, you will face real consequences of your choice and realize that there is more than blackboards and chalks about this profession. You have to go out there with your heart blazing to your passion and desire.

There will be times that you will ask yourself whether this is the right career for you, but if you really want it, imagine the kids who are waiting for you to become their person, their hero just by teaching them. Have that in mind.

Here are others tips for BSEd students in the Philippines:

  • Do things early. You have a bunch of subjects to take and you can’t afford to comply to all of them late.
  • To save money, you can borrow a graduate or senior’s book especially the ones that are for your major and professional education.
  • Don’t take your notes for granted. In education, you go back over and over to lessons you had in your first day. Lectures would help.
  • Calm down and trust your own process. You will be a licensed professional teacher!

The road ahead might seem a little bumpy, hazy, and confusing, but hey, your heart of service will surely burn brighter than any of these! Sana ay matulungan ka ng mga tips ko!

Future teacher, I believe in you! Keep shining for the future generation!

Val Dela Rea

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Apr 4, 2021 9:42 AM

pwede po mag enroll na teacher kahit ABM strand