Writing Tips for Filipino Students

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Just like you, I struggle in terms of writing. Since we can’t escape this activity, we see ourselves reading various writing tips to survive!

Many people say that if we practice, we can be better at what we do. That’s what I do especially since I love writing so much. In fact, I aspire to make it my profession in the future.

This dream is not yet within reach but for sure, the right time will come. As a beginner, I experienced several problems. I still don’t know the right words to choose, style, voice, and correct approach.

Even if it’s just a simple activity in the classroom, I can’t say I’m 100% into it.

Since we share the same struggle, we better work on these writing tips together!

Keep a personal journal or notebook.

In writing, your number 1 asset is creativity. When you showcase creativity, you will get a chance to think of endless ideas and ways to produce your work. Although it consumes time and energy, you have to believe that it’s okay and normal.

I remember experiencing writers’ block and be held back for a month! I felt bad, and guilty that I couldn’t submit anything for a month.

That is why you need to have a personal journal or notebook wherever you go. The smaller  the notebook is, the better. In this way, you can jot down every single idea that comes to your mind. Don’t underestimate this. Get surprised to see how these small ideas can produce one article.

By doing this, we already prevent this nemesis from happening.

Start reading!

Writing tips for Filipino students

Writers are supposed to offer new information or knowledge to their readers. And where do these ideas come from? Books.

Books, regardless of the genre, allow people to understand what’s happening around them. They give different perspective, and allow people to gain experiences. These books enrich one’s mind and soul.

Personally, I read many books with different topics and genre.  To tell you honestly, I can’t even remember how many books I have read. As of now, I have finished three out of five from my list.

Explore and Fail

Everyone knows Dora the Explorer. She loves to literally “explore” and travel to many places. Writers should do the same as well. Even if it’s just about research or thesis, you need to explore and check the what if’s.

What if I submit it today? What if I try this challenge? Or, maybe you can explore joining different organizations and library. Some of our adventures are not worth exploring though. We can fail.

Failures brought by exploring can be your inspiration. Go and check out my other article about failures – I failed my entrance exam.

Accept Criticism

In writing, accept the fact that people will read your work. Your target audience or editor can change and comment on every single sentence you added. Most of the times, these criticisms can be your motivation to be better at what you do.

Did someone tell you that you have grammatical errors? It’s fine. Review the rule and write new sentences.

Maybe someone told you that you have boring sentence structure. It’s okay. Try to be creative next time.

I love receiving criticisms because they make me better. But then, only accept criticisms that are reasonable and valid. We don’t want to be occupied by negative people. Keeping our mind healthy is an important thing when writing.

I hope these writing tips prepare us with whatever task we have. Be it academic or content writing, let’s overcome the struggle in writing!

I love writing articles as well as doing photography. As an aspiring journalist, I have a strong passion for these activities!

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