Over Again: Movie Review by Melanie A.

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Over Again is a life changing movie everyone needs to see.

“We may not be able to change the past, but we can choose to change the future and make it our own.”

Over Again: What You Should Know

Over Again is a Chinese movie that revolves around mainly to the three students named, Gao Silin, Guo Sijia and Zhang Ziyang. The genre of the movie is a time – travelling fantasy aimed at teen age girls and depicts the relationship of the said characters.

Over Again starts by showing the high school life of Silin, Sijia and Ziyang. At first, the relationship of the three friends remains good not until Ziyang had an outburst of emotion for a reason which led to having an argument with Silin.

The argument went on and the two got physical ‘causing an accident that both of them regret later especially, Ziyang. As a result of an accident that happened between Ziyang and Silin, the relationship of three friends was scarred. Fast forward, Ziyang committed suicide through jumping bridge in the reason of anxiety, pressure and depression.

Both Silin and Sijin were deeply hurt for what happen to Ziyang, as they are mourning, they found a time travelling coin and began their journey on preventing Ziyang from his death.

Thoughts on Over Again

Personally, I really like Over Again concept and plot. The plot may be simple but interesting enough for me. It is so heart wrenching story, especially, seeing Sijin and Silin saving Ziyang multiple times.

Trying to find solutions on how to save him. However, changing past is impossible no matter how many times we tried. Thus, I was really moved and even on the verge of crying every time I remember the solution they came up to. Sijin and Silin decided to change the memories of Ziyang into a happy one so he can leave the world with a smile.

Over again cast and staff did an amazing job of showcasing the importance of love and support. Furthermore, it also shows the importance of actions as it is a crucial point of building the future. ” Nasa huli ang pagsisi “ is a perfect quote for Over Again. As we, humans, tend to take advantage the things we have but only realize the worth after losing it.

“Life must go on no matter what happen in the past. However don’t forget the past as it helps you to build who you are.”

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